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  1. I used 2 pieces of flat 1/2 inch by 1/16 inch wood up against the ceiling. They are offset by a small amount. Then there is the regular dollhouse crown moulding. It looks a lot more complicated than it is.
  2. Thank you Karin. I'm glad you like my house. When I first started I thought it would take me 3 years. Now that 3 years has come and gone I realize it is going to take me alot more than 3 years. Good thing I never need to use my dining room for eating. This last year has been really slow building because work was so busy. I think I have gotten all the major modifications done, so once I get those pesky windows done, I will be able to move on to something more fun. I have so many ideas in my head. Hopefully they will make it into my house. Marcy
  3. Hi I changed the direction of my Beacon Hill stairs because I wanted to have a front door that was centered in the middle of the tower section. Because I could not find a stair that I liked, I searched on-line looking for pictures of stairs that I liked. I found a web site of a company that makes stair parts. They put on-line their manual on how to build stairs. http://www.ljsmith.net/pdfs/EnglishInstallation.pdf After reading and reading I finally figured out what they were doing. So I started by drawing the stairs that I wanted on paper based on the directions in the p
  4. Here is a picture of a real second empire house with 2 towers. I love the way the main entrance tower is taller than the second tower. This is the governor's mansion in Iowa. Marcy
  5. Hi Kathy A while back I posted some info about how I did the tower. Maybe this will help. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/i...?showtopic=8811 I just used lots of glue, extra pieces of wood for support and a lot of very small wood screws. Marcy
  6. I thought about everything an old house should have. Old movies and TV shows, This Old House and If These Walls Could Talk. Of course in the movies, the kids are always raising themselves up and down the dumbwaiter. My daughter was disappointed when she found out that the dumbwaiter wasn't going to be big enough for one of the dolls (OOPS I mean mini people) who live in the house. She did comment that it was big enough for one of the babies. I don't have any other major projects in mind right now. I have to fix the holes I've made. I plan on putting in an entire wall of windows in t
  7. I finally got my dumbwaiter working. It took a lot of sanding and fitting, and sanding and fitting, and more sanding and fitting. It probably would have been easier if my plywood pieces had not been so warped. A real dumbwaiter would have been built in pieces because it would have been 3 floors tall. I built my mini dumbwaiter as one long box built with thin plywood sides and a back. My mini dumbwaiter is designed to slide into a hole from under the house. This way, if there is a problem with the dumbwaiter in the future I can slide the whole thing out and fix the problem and slide i
  8. I think little Jack is cute too. The Jack Russell dog is by the German toy company Schleich. They say the dogs are 1:12 size. http://www.schleich-s.de/cms_schleich/shop...mp;okat=98& I also have some of their other dogs, the Golden Retriever, the Golden Retriever puppy, the West Highland Terrier and "Farm Dog". Most of their animals are not to scale. The cats are too big but the dogs are perfect. Marcy
  9. A major kit bash came about when I decided the kitchen needed to be bigger. So I split the kitchen side of my beacon hill in the middle. I then added 3 inches to all the floors. Since I plan to take the bay out of the kitchen side wall, the kitchen will be only 1.5 inches bigger but the 2nd floor and 3rd floor rooms will be wider by 3 inches. I will have to move the windows in the front of the house over to the center of the space. I plan to put the 3 kitchen windows from the kit on the 2nd floor and build 3 matching but taller windows for the kitchen. In the right corner, I am bui
  10. I was watching HGTV show, If Walls Could Talk and saw a house in Mattapoisett, MA that looked like a Beacon Hill. I've searched all around and finally found a picture. Don't you think it looks like the Beacon Hill???
  11. Hi Caite When I was building my tower I decided to add a small room. Doing it while building made it easier because I could add extra support before I added the roofing. I forgot to take pictures but maybe I can explain what I did. I put the 4 interlocking inner walls together (blue lines), then I added long pieces of wood into the corner of each intersection (yellow). These pieces of wood went from the floor of the tower section as far up as I could go. I then put a lot of screws (red lines) from the inner walls into the pieces of wood. At that point I cut away the sides (green
  12. Hi Michelle In my bays I cut the wall piece off that hangs over the bay. Now my bays go all the way to the ceiling. I will have to figure out how to cut crown moulding at some weird angle to go into the bay. Because the wall piece seems to hold the second floor, before I cut the wall piece off, I added extra support. I added a piece of wood on the outside of the house, above the flat part of the bay roof. Then I put a couple of screws through the bay ceiling up into wood and a couple of screws from the second floor bedroom wall through the wall into the wood. The extra piece of wood
  13. I added some more pictures of my bookcase/stairs. I don't know if I can explain how I built it but maybe you can figure it out from the pictures. The build process went through many modifications as I built it.
  14. Hi Rosalind Yes I did design my bookcase/staircase. I got to the step in the directions for building the tower when I realized how much space there was in the tower and decided that my house people needed that space but they also needed a way to get to the tower. I had a bunch of designs and finally decided this was going to be the easiest to build. I think what led me to this idea was the fact that I was thinking about using that space in the bedroom next to the bump out and try to build a stair there. The problem was it is only 1.5 inches wide and the hatch would have opened onto th
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