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  1. minijunkie

    Christmas Living Room Scene

    I made the mantle runner, table, wrapped SOME of the presents, the snowman globe, the ottoman....decorated the tree. A lot of these items were acquired thru swaps and gifts from friends. The box is a velvet box like a shoebox. My Aunt (who died 14 mos ago of cancer) gave me the box years ago..it had a green velvet photo album and address book in it. I always kept the box to store papers and photos in.
  2. minijunkie


    ;) you betcha!! thank you!
  3. minijunkie


    Good luck!! Your boat is great.
  4. minijunkie

    My Ruby

    What is it with kitties and dirty laundry?? Too adorable Bec!
  5. That didn't work...trying again:
  6. like this huh? see this cute basket of kitties ??? Wish I was rich!! LOL had to try that.
  7. thanks....those are neat. Wonder how long they keep the item cold or hot. How do you do that? Insert the name of something and when you click it, it takes you there?
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