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    I definitely hate miniatures. No no no! I was just kidding...bad joke I know. I love miniatures and anything Victorian.

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  1. mariawicz

    Random Minis

    A collection of minis I have made, most of which are in my etsy shop.
  2. That cracked egg with the yolk and shell is too cute!
  3. mariawicz

    Dining room

    These rooms look so cozy. Great job!
  4. I like the interior of this house a lot. It's a little modern but also eclectic.
  5. mariawicz

    Red earrings

    Omg, this took me forever to figure out it was a miniature. They look so much like real life earrings.
  6. mariawicz

    window boxes

    That looks so amazing! I can always tell your style from the gallery thumbnails which is definitely a compliment
  7. mariawicz


    This looks so inviting! I love the color of the stain and how well it works with the wallpapers and furnture pieces.
  8. So cool! I wish I had the patience to make these.
  9. mariawicz

    P1090059 1

    This is a nice picture; simple but realistic. I love what you did with your Willow. It looks cozy and inviting.
  10. mariawicz

    Bee slippers

    You're so talented that I can never immediately tell which pictures are minis and which are RL. Those antennae would be in my dog's stomach within 5 seconds if I had those slippers.
  11. Ditto; I browsed you Heritage album and it looks great! I love the bedroom and the colors you chose for the exterior.
  12. mariawicz


    I wish :/ Nah, these pics are posted in real-time. I took a hiatus b/c of a move, job transfer, etc.
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