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  1. Songbird

    upholstery UGH

    Love the fur bolster!
  2. Songbird

    Book shelves

    I tried to give the house a sense of age and timelessness
  3. Songbird

    The Tennyson - A Wizard House

    This is the home of two middle age wizards - Maximus and Millicent. Maximus writes books uncovering the secret lives of famous muggles (non magical people) who he thinks are really wizards. Millicent has a home based love potions business, delivery by owl of course!
  4. I think she ran downstairs to get a little snack!
  5. Look at his little collar!
  6. Songbird


    They are actually celtic rune symbols that I found online, my sister is concerned that I may have put a hex on the house!
  7. And the pillows are made from vintage handkerchiefs.
  8. The pictures all came out of a "Victorian Paper" catalogue.
  9. Songbird

    The sitting parlor

    Cute is a good word for the stairs!
  10. Songbird


    I just had a look at your Tennyson and it is very different,its so light and pretty while mine is dark and foreboding!
  11. Songbird

    Doorway in NY

    Instead of the "elf on the shelf" they have "skeletons on the vine?!"
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