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  1. Thanks Selkie, but I was thinking of the first entry in the list below. This post was on Page 2 of this thread. I remember this Bits-n-Kits having a much bigger selection than what I have found on Cynthia Howe's site (although she does have some beautiful things!) Oh well, guess I will just have to restart my shopping on some of these other sites. I better get the drool rag ready!
  2. Hi Everyone, I have taken a bit of a hiatus, but I'm happy to be working on my Rosedale again! I was looking for the Bits & Kits website. I know I have spent hours drooling over it a few months back. Now that I might be ready to order, I can't find it. Is it still in existence, and if so, could someone point me in the right direction? Mini thanks! Jerri
  3. Congratulations, that's HUGE! (Pun fully intended... ) Isn't it a wonderful feeling when your clothes get loose? May you enjoy continued success and better health!
  4. Hope it's a wonderful day filled with many (and mini) blessings!
  5. Mary, this is such sad news, and I pray you and your family may find some degree of peace and comfort. Please take care of yourself and your hubby, and let yourselves grieve in whatever way works for you. No one can tell you what's right or wrong in this. Mini hugs, Jerri
  6. May I say one more thing? Opinions about the meth house aside, let's not lose sight of the fact that one of our own Greenleafers has received a HUGE nod of recognition from outside our GL family. Okay, I know Roy "only" won third place, but still HE'S ONE OF THE WINNERS!! I have seen some amazing work not even get honorable mention, so I think this is an enormous piece of news, and we should all celebrate Roy's fantastic work. And Roy, I respect your decision to withdraw your entry, but I hope that, as Sherry alluded to earlier, you will consider entering it in some other venue, be it a contest, exhibition, the South Plains Fair, whatever. Please keep sharing it with the world; it's such a beautiful work of art.
  7. Congrats to Roy (from my hometown, no less!), and the other deserving winners & honorable mentions. Is anyone else scratching their heads about HBS? First they decide to introduce a largely unaffordable (and some would say uninspiring) contest kit for 2011. Then they award 2nd place in the 2010 contest to something so controversial? Granted, we haven't seen the pics yet, and as someone else stated, it could be some sort of misplaced play on words, but Ernie and crew had to think this would ruffle some feathers. I'm finding myself confused . . .
  8. Over the top? Heck this is just a little piece of paper. Over the top won't happen until Amber's wedding day!
  9. But isn't all that trim one of the reasons we all love this house so much?
  10. Rhonda, I am so sorry to read about your troubles, and you are in my prayers. Do take at least a few minutes each day to do something nice for yourself. Listen to your favorite song, put an extra sweetener packet in your coffee, take a little extra time smoothing your face with moisturizer. Whatever little niceties you can think of. Mini hugs to you! ((((()))))
  11. I think it looks good. As much as I love the San Fran, I've never been super-crazy about those half-moon crescent column thingies on each side. Gives me some ideas about what to do when I get back to my San Fran efforts...
  12. Kathryn, I agree. Not only that, but the table it's on doesn't look all that sturdy either. Check out the top pic; it looks like the table has these scrawny little aluminum legs, and then it's sitting on some sort of wheeled cart-base looking thing. I hope I'm wrong; maybe there's just a cart under the table. It's hard to tell . . .
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