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  1. melva

    Mermaids got hair

    She looks really good...It's exciting when you see all of your work come together. I do put regular hair products on the mohair I use.
  2. melva


    Like the fabrics and lace you used, the bodice is really pretty. I do like porcelain dolls and have made a few, so I really enjoyed looking through your photos of the dolls you have made.
  3. I am slighty obsessed with having a car for with all my houses. I bought this one a few years ago its a 1/12 scale to go with my Foxhall......it took me forever to find one at a reasonable price. It's actually a remote control toy with nice detais.
  4. melva

    mermaid tail #1

    This color looks really good, I like how the tail turned out too with the burned edges.
  5. I would be happy just to finish one of the 7 dollhouse projects that I have started over the last 10 years lol. I am always looking and buying more things to go inside my houses without having one finished; totally addicted!!!! I really just wanted to have one house in each scale. Maybe this will be the year!
  6. You really did a great job on this project the wagon is beautiful!! What an accomplishment.....I have started so many projects and only finished a couple.
  7. A lot of doll makers use the Genesis paints for the faces and body blushing; personally I'm not a fan of it for my dolls. I use regular craft paints, metallic acrylic paint and metallic powders for rubber stamps.
  8. You really did a beautiful job, I luv the colors and all the details. Are you planning on adding a horse?
  9. melva

    Day 1 Mermaid

    She is looking pretty good, you should have lots of fun painting and decorating the tail. I've made a few mermaids with a polymer clay tail and fin. You can also make scales using a straw or coffee stirrer before you bake it.
  10. I agree its very impressive! Was this on the cover of a miniature magazine last year?
  11. I like this kitchen and the layout!
  12. melva


    Your Foxhall looks great! Its given me inspiration to work on mine.
  13. melva

    Exterior with Patina

    The house is beautiful! Great color scheme.
  14. Congrats and Good Luck to Greenleaf and Casey! I do like the BH!
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