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  1. This house is a laser cut house kit that was made a few years ago. I think it may have been a Spanish company. Does anyone know the name of the company that made this kit and where one may purchase it from? I think they made three or four similar kits with different facades. For some reason the word "Montreal" comes to mind. Any help identifying would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, This is my first post to the forum, forgive me if it comes out wrong..... I am at long last assembling my first Greenleaf DH kit (the Fairfield). This is a halfscale house and upgrade components are hard to come by (I am in Australia) I would like to know the following: Where are the best places and prices to mail order from? When do they usually have their sales or discounts? Are they annually etc I would like to purchase enough for my houses (3) together and would prefer to purchase at a cheaper rate to help with the shipping costs. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks Andrea :flowers:
  3. Hi, I would love to use some "Paperclay" on my houses but as I am in Austrlia Paerclay is unavailable here. Could someone please tell me the difference between Paperclay or Das air drying clay. Are they different and if so what is the difference as Das is available here and in plain or terracotta colours. Thanks :lol: Andrea
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