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  1. house has nonworking windows, i am thinking of going with the stripwood with thin plexi inserts....i think i can do it....lol...after all it is only three windows total.....lol
  2. anyone have any great ideas on how to make custom windows? i am going to need some that look very similar if not identical to the ones already on my painted lady.......they are going to need to be custom sizes and everything..my biggest concern is how to make the window panes....any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. LOOOVEE the product but i agree it may the wrong size for wainscotting, but i like the idea of louvered doors....hmmmm may have to look for some of that stuff.....
  4. working today and hoping to work on it again tomorrow...more shingling.....lots more shingling....lol...i am thinking maybe a dark grey for the roof.......hmmmmm....what does everyone else think.....
  5. i have no idea on roof color yet, haven't really decided...just started shingling the other day, so we shall see what i wind up doing.
  6. so here are the updated pictures of the dollhouse as it sits right now....still have tons of work to do...i am anxiously awaiting the money fairy to drop off some so that i can get the electrical work done on the first floor and work on more of the exterior.....but since money is extremely tight right now it is going to be a veeerrry sloooowwww process.
  7. A & A

    Painted Lady

    here is my RGT painted lady
  8. well with little Logann about 7 weeks or less away (yep its a boy this time, Logann Albert) i have been working on my rgt Painted Lady a bit and preparing for the new arrival. I will post updated pics of the house in a bit but for now here are some updated pics of my little ladies and a 4d u/s of Logann
  9. A & A

    Alexa and animals

    my ferrets and alexa, my daughter
  10. i used to have it a lot, but since i am now 20 weeks pregnant, chasing a 2 year old and a 4 year old and working full time, i must say i sleep quite soundly......except for that baby making me get up to use the potty every night
  11. maybe soe kind of jewelry finding for the cannisters for the lights, a coffe stirrer sticks for the hanging brackets, but after that i am lost as to what to use for the track itself as wiring would need to run through it so it would have to be hollow
  12. i would love it if one of you wonderfully crafty peoples could help me come up with some brilliant idea to make working track lighting in my dollhouse. i would like for it to be the kind that is curved along the top with moveable/positionable lights....i need some ideas for this one. i haven't thought of any great ones yet. thanx in advance...
  13. Picture of the flooring in the living room and the separation between the kitchen and dining room. sorry for the poor picture qualitiy, my camera is mysteriously broken
  14. i have been working on the parquet flooring yesterday and today. making some progress, i have the parquet parts done for the living room area, and am now laying the flooring into the house. (or at leat i was til i ran out of wood...) am looking forward to getting the ceilings painted and adding in the room divider to the kitchen. i will post some more pics sometime this weekend as it is back to work for me tomorrow....
  15. how would you stiffen lace by the way...lol...tons of starch and and iron......lol....could you do that with some kind of glue or something....like build a frame for it and then cut and glue the lace into the frame...hmmm idea ball is going again..lol
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