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  1. Tracy, just curious, was the show well attended? I did it last year and couldn't this year because I am doing his Chicago show.
  2. Oh yeah..I laughed out loud.
  3. Sherr

    Pirate Girl - Bonnie Reade

    Thanks. I do sell them. Shows and www.colvindolls.com
  4. Sherr

    Colvin Dolls

    Sherri's hand sculpted character figures
  5. I'll be there with my dolls. Stop by and say hello please. I've done this show for 4 years now. Looking forward to it and the Florida sunshine!
  6. This build is absolutely top notch incredible.
  7. The chairs arrived and I have put together one with non-toxic Testors cement. Worked very nicely. Easy to assemble. These are great kits! I plan to do several different finishes.
  8. Thanks all! Yes, the fog. I used super glue to glue Swarovski crystals onto a wizard staff....totally clouded the crystal. Fortunately it still looked mystical.
  9. I'll use the Testor's glue..(being a big fan of their Dullcote). Didn't know they came with paint. May use that and then minwax as another layer of color. Do you seal them with anything after painting? If so what do you like?
  10. I just ordered a few Chrysnbon kits - country kitchen chairs to photograph my dolls in. I couldn't find what I wanted in Bespaq but Chrysnbon had the perfect style. I know they are plastic so I need to dress them up a bit, but don't know anything about them. 1.Can you use superglue on these kits or model cement glue? 2.Any tips on best way to paint them so they look like wood. 3. Any construction tips also greatly appreciated.
  11. I like this house. It had to be vey difficult to execute. Hat's off to whomever did this!
  12. Sherr

    Sad News

    Oh my goodness....are you speaking of Elicia Easton?
  13. I'll be there! Molly is a wonderful lady and an asset to the mini world.
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