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  1. Thanks. I do sell them. Shows and www.colvindolls.com
  2. Sherr

    Colvin Dolls

    Sherri's hand sculpted character figures
  3. Sherr


    awesome-ly creative
  4. Sherr

    sofa 029a.jpg

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I've always wanted to try reupholstering furniture. I have a few pieces in mind.
  5. Sherr

    01- Here She Is

    Miss Tillie is quite happy
  6. Sherr


    Those are fantastic!
  7. Sherr

    Georgian Townhouse

    Custom 1/12 scale dollhouse with OOAK polymer clay figures
  8. Sherr


    That's charming!
  9. Sherr

    Porch in Progress

    I've finally managed to work on the entry steps. It's fairly close to the original design but I decided not to baluster the entire way down. The lower steps are now finished (though not in the photo). So far so good. I put my maid with her mop on the steps for scale. And if you look closely you can see the old grumpy man through the window as he dines.
  10. This house is lovely. BRAVO!!
  11. Last Thanksgiving I decided to combine my dream of owning an historical property with my 20 year career of designing and drawing houses. I thought I was coming up with a very affordable compromise. I would make it small. If my pocketbook only knew............. With some fundemental cabinetry skills, a workshop full of power and hand tools and access online to the resources and knowledge of many miniature enthusiasts I decided to give it a go! I started with some basic drawings I produced with an AutoCad drafting program and the word Georgian floating around in my head.
  12. After succesfully assembling the house I decided to focus on the interior color scheme. I bought some sample Benjamin Moore colors from the historic collection. The sizes are perfect. The only drawback is the sheen. It tends to be between a flat and an eggshell finish so I ended up buying a quart of semi gloss for the dining and stair halls because it looked better on the woodwork. Still, I really like working with the sample bottles and they are great for general wall color and underneath chairrail. The predictable "Williamsburg" blue had to be represented so I decided to use it
  13. I wanted to put some extra attention into the fireplace design but felt the need to save a little money, so I opted out of buying some of the amazing Lawbre and Artisan made fireplaces I saw online and decided to kit bash! I started out with the Miniature House Tidewater Kit and built the basic shell. The resemblance stopped there. I reworked the mouldings and mantle shelf to be a little more substantial and then added some pilasters to the overmantle. All the bricks are cut out individually from egg cartons (a technique I found on the internet) painted, sealed and grouted
  14. Some of the detail work was more challenging for me. In the living room I decided to hand paint a festoon type motif at the cornice. Tiny brush... huge patience. I would spend more time on it if I had to do it again and maybe explore making a tiny stencil. On the stairs I added brackets under the risers. I cut each one out of 1/16" basswood. I really liked the way they turned out even though you have to look closely to notice them. In fact, you will probably have to enlarge the photo to notice them :whistle: . The mahogany columns were turned on a full
  15. I decided to make the master bedroom a much simpler room architecturally. It will have "rough hewn" ceiling beams to hide wiring to the chandelier and the attic lights. The fireplace is plain with delft tiles surrounding the brick firebox and hearth. The window cornices and bed dressings were all made with a pink toile print similar to the dining room. I bought a lace handkerchief in Belgium this summer that I sewed to the white cotton spread to dress it up.The window cornices are all lined in white in order to look uniform and neat from the outside looking in. All of the bedding
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