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  1. I just finished redesigning one staircase, adding a second staircase, and now I'm staining and priming, Then after painting, I'll start on the floors. I guess I need to add in eating and sleeping in there somewhere too.
  2. Just got back from taking my 11 year old to Graceland for her birthday. She's been in love with Elvis since she was 2. We had the best Mommy Daughter trip, can hardly wait for the next one.
  3. I was thinking squirrels! Anyway, love the new Birdhouse! The neighbors birds will be so jealous! Looks great!
  4. You are crazy! :yikes: It's a good thing I am too! :laughbounce:Sounds like an awesome idea, can't wait to see pics! :jumping:
  5. Learn something new everyday! I always just called them window trim. Thanks Kathi
  6. If you're having a Sr moment, then what kind of moment am I having? I've never in my life ever heard of "window muntins"!
  7. I just started work on my Duracraft Manchester Farm House. I'm wanting to do a Santa house, but I haven't decided if the Manchester will be it yet. Guess I need to figure it out soon before I start on the walls and floors huh! I've noticed that the previous owner of this house started to put it together and used small nails (the type you put in a picture frame) to hold parts of it together. I've never done that before and was wondering if that is really a good idea or not. Wouldn't it split the wood?
  8. Heber Springs, AR. We have mountains, a huge lake, and a beautiful river. Love it here!
  9. Meleah

    HBS Creatin' Contest 2009

    HBS Creatin' Contest 2009
  10. Meleah

    HBS Ornament Contest

    I got this sent off with only one minute to spare. This contest was so much fun, can't wait for their next one.
  11. Meleah

    Meleah's Mini's

    Here are some pics of the stuff I've thrown together. Some of which fell apart and thrown together more than once!!! Anyway, hope you enjoy!
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