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  1. Thank you so much! My DH and I are going to a military ball tonight at one of the local mansions. I am excited !!!
  2. Heidi - I emailed her telling her that I would buy it tomorrw when I am in the area. I did that before seeing that you emaild her. Sorry! Corey
  3. Breyer is what I was going to suggest as well. Wolfie- you can now buy the Classic 1:12 at Target for about $12 each! I am building the Corona Wildwood Barn for my DD for Christmas and her Grandparents are going to get some of the Breyer horses.
  4. Yes. Navy at the War College. How did you guess? Are you all?
  5. Hi! I am in Newport .. We are moving but will be here another couple of months. This is a great place and you will find lots of helpful people. I know I wish I had more time to see the wonderful eye candy and read all the great posts. Corey
  6. I love it !!! It looks great and you did a good job.. Do you remember the brand and name of that green you painted the outside? Greens are so hard to pick out and that one is beautiful.
  7. It says that I do not have permission to access that part of the site. I checked the download section but I dont see any instructions at all.
  8. Hi Traci !! I think I am going to attempt to wallpaper this house. I usually paint so this will be new for me and I am afraid I am going to screw it up. What are you working on?
  9. I would you forever if you could scan them for me! Not that I dont already .. Marg - There is somthing about this little house that I just love! I am so eager to get started on it.
  10. That would be great if you could look for them. I would be very grateful! I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure it all out and gave up. <_<
  11. My brand new in the box Canterbury arrived today. However, tt was not brand new and barely in the box. It is missing some of the furniture and there are no directions. Does anyone happen to have the directions that you could share with me? I have email or fax.. or whatever is easiest for you. I was so eager to get started on this house and am bummed that there are no directions.
  12. One of the things that really bugs me about my Chantilly and the thing I would like to do over the most is that I did not sand enough. The edges look rough no matter now many coats of paint they have on them and it just really bugs me. I hate hate hate sanding though so it really is hard for me to get it how I would like it.
  13. You know, it really would help if I could spell correctly when searching for things thanks everyone!
  14. I searched through the galleries to see if anyone had this house but didn't find anything. Does anyone know if this house can be made with just two rooms? Can you leave out that middle wall to make just a downstairs and upstairs? Would that look really weird? Would the house still be structurally sound? I ask because I thought the house only had two rooms and planned accordingly. I have the pant colors and scheme in my head and really want to do it the way I envision it. If the house wont hold without the middle wall then I certainly can redo my idea. I bought one from Ebay and
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