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  1. I admire everyone's meal planning skills (or at least everyone's aspirations)! What I usually do is have a list of meals that I can make on any given night and we choose one the day before so that I can defrost the meat or do any prep work. Then when I don't have the ingredients for that meal, I cross it off the list. When my list is all crossed off we go to the store! Sounds primative but it sure helps when the kids say "What's for dinner? or they say (often) "there's nothing to eat around here". This also helps with keeping the budget down. Sometimes there is steak on the list... and ot
  2. A dream come true! How fabulous! I'm buying two... or three! Thank You Greenleaf!!!
  3. Yep... I have some beautiful "oops" paint stocked up that I got from Home Depot for $1.00 a can!
  4. Hi! You got an excellent price on your Pierce! I am currently working on the Pierce and its a great house with a lot of nice features. When you have any doubts about what to do just do a search on this forum and you will get some great information. Everyone here is so helpful and supportive.
  5. I haven't yet... but I know that I have thought about buying two kits of the same house so that I could learn with one and "perfect" the other. There's probably something wrong with me though.... :lol:
  6. You must use glue especially for polystyrene. Testers is the best one in the red tube. Just make sure your room is well ventilated.
  7. I read once that when you look at a dollhouse you see all the rooms at once so the colors and the furniture should be interchangeable. I don't know that I follow this rule all the time... but I tend to buy furniture that could be utilized in more than one room. I also just buy things that I think are very special and decide that I'll build a room around just that piece. My picky Pierce has decided that it wants to be mostly pink on the inside so I am looking for furniture and accessories that will accent that color. (even though I am not overly fond of pink).
  8. The only place that I have seen these kits finished is on ebay.... where they are hideously overpriced!
  9. I had a horrible experience with the kitchen cabinet. I was convinced that the thing was warped and wasn't cut out right because I couldn't get anything to fit together. So I scrapped it and put all the pieces in a zip loc bag and threw it in a box of other kits. Then about six months later I had bought another kit and decided to try it again... no problems! It looked great. So I pulled out the old kit pieces and viola! it all fit together this time. So... all I can say is that some just don't come out right the first time... but keep the pieces and maybe you try it again.
  10. I have to put my two (or three) cents in.... I am in the process of building the Pierce... and I have dubbed it the Picky Pierce! This house has turned into a real DIVA and has made me tear out the wallpaper twice because SHE wanted the inside to be mostly Pink! I am sure that most Pierces are not as picky as mine and it is a house that "fits the bill" for a "one dollhouse person" (it almost hurt to type that). But there are so many beautiful houses that become these glorious works of art it is very hard to choose because each one has so much potential!
  11. I am so fond of Art Nouveau but I not every house would lend itself to the style. Take the poll and let me know what you think.... or offer up your own house choices!
  12. I've painted mine with plain acrylic craft paint and it works fine. I've also used paint pens in gold and black to highlight details and they work fine. But you do have to be careful with some paints because they will make the plastic melt. I wouldn't use spray paint except for a very light primer. Something in the spray paint makes the plastic melt too.... trust me... I've had a very bad experience with it.
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