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    Just moved from Virginia Beach to Springfield, MO!
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    It's time to update my interests! I love cooking and cook books and my two new goldendoodle puppies, Bonnie and Belle. My husband is a newly retired Navy chaplain and my daughter is married to an NCIS agent and recently relocated from Hawaii to Germany. They have a 16 month old little girl named Avi who I adore! Once again I'm hoping to renew my old hobby of building doll houses. I was working on a Garfield but I'm thinking about setting it aside and starting on a smaller easier one to refresh my skills before getting into the Garfield again.

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  1. Sue


    Wow! Very beautiful!
  2. This house is amazing! I really love the crisp white and periwinkle blue! Beautifully done! Sue
  3. Sue

    Prescott AZ Historic #2

    Just passing through looking for eye candy to soothe me after a tough day. I love your inspirational houses from your trip. I really think I may borrow the colors from the Prescott AZ house #2 for one of my minis. I'm not able to work on anything fun until our real house (the trashed rental that is causing us to pay 2 mortgages!) is completely renovated and sold, but I see the end is near. Tomorrow I work on painting trim and edging for the interior upstairs (covers about 1,000 sq ft.) It helps me to imagine one day having time to clean my own house, cook good things and settle down to w
  4. Sue


    First Garfield Pictures
  5. Guys, Thanks for your help! We got the pictures in my gallery! Phew! Computers are not my thing! But it's done, so just check out my gallery, if you want to see what's up with my Garfield so far! Thanks again! Sue
  6. Okay, so I'm really excited! I think me and my daughter have finally figured out how to put these pictures in a gallery!! I'm not really a computer person, so this has taken some doing! As I said yesterday, after having a hysterectomy 6 months ago and never feeling well or getting better, I now have learned that I have a 13.5 centimeter mass in my abdominal cavity (which the docs think is an abcess from my hysterectomy) and I will be having another surgery on Monday! These pictures show the work I've been able to complete in the interim and I'm really excited about being able to get
  7. Hi! I'm trying to figure out how to put my pictures in a gallery. Is there anyone out there right now who knows? Sue
  8. What a great idea! Great detail! I love it! Sue
  9. To all of you crazy for minies!<_<, I hope to have my daughter help put the pics up that I now have on my Garfield. I was really at the phase where I was going to take off and start putting up walls...it's taken me some six months to recover from hysterectomy...when I found out why I've been feeling so under the weather and in pain still. I have an absess as a result of my hysterectomy and must have another even more complicated surgery on Monday, October 22nd! This will require an even longer recovery time and is a more tricky surgery, and so even though I don't know all of you that
  10. Welcome to the forum! I'm relatively new to dollhouse building myself, but feel free to post questions any time. The people here are really knowledgeable and helpful and they'll always help if they can. Sue
  11. Sue

    wicker2 00001.JPG

    I'm pretty new to miniatures and am amazed by your wicker furniture. How did you learn how to do this? Is there someplace one can take lessons in this? Thanks for the photos! Sue
  12. Thanks for sharing your story! Being military, we move quite frequently and I am always filled with dread until we're in our new home and every last box has been opened and lovingly ogled and placed in its new home! Have lost a few items, possibly to theft, but more things have been smashed due to poor packing and shipping. Our move to Italy a few years ago was horrible. I didn't own a piece of furniture that wasn't scratched, broken or damaged in some way due to terrible movers in Virginia Beach. Once we got there the Italian movers kept crying out "Mama Mia!" every time they unwrapped
  13. That is such a good idea! It's really pretty! Thanks for sharing your idea. The Beacon Hill will be my next house...one of these years...:)after I finish my Garfield which will take a long, long time, but I'd already begun thinking (in the back of my mind)how I could put a stained glass look on the Beacon Hill windows! Thanks! Sue
  14. I just had lasek surgery and it was very simple. I know that yours is probably much more complicated by far, so excuse my lack of knowledge of what you will really be facing, but I thought the idea of watching the procedure would be the worst part, but it wasn't that bad. I was really really scared but it was very interesting. They did give Valium though! So that helped alot! Ask if this is possible! The nurse also held my hand! Having weathered abdominal hysterectomy and lasek surgery in the last five months though made me want to write and give you some encouragement! The fear is
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