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  2. Thank you! Very Therapeutic too! Exactly. My lathe has beautiful rails on 4 sides for all sorts of goodies.. I just can't find a place that is selling little ones at little prices yet So :whistle: for now, I will be forced to wing it. I was hoping I would have found one by now.
  3. Newsflash, M'Lady... Yer a wee past 71 already!!! <<POUT!!!>> My tables cool.. just wait until I figure out how to make a stool! Yup... you are in trouble!! She won't have a place to sit there will be ...so..many... oh, wait... :popcorn:
  4. Ahhh.. Thank you all for your kind welcome. I have to run off to the mine ((Insert picture of Gnomish chasing after several, possibly seven, dwarfs...dragging his shovel)) but will reply in more detail when I return home!
  5. :worthy: Hello! I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. "Self, this is everyone," he said jovially. "Everyone, this is myself." I hope to be spending some time here as the people are really nice, the dollhouses are just incredible, and most of all... my wife hangs out here while I sacrifice myself on the altar of work. Though, it does help cover some of the expense of our homes within our home. :idea: M'Lady and Her Gnome started one Saturday a few years ago in Active Worlds (3-D chat program that allowed building of the environment also). One of our favorite worlds had this really neat little gnome for an avatar. He ZOOMED around the landscape! Poor M'Lady could barely keep him in sight as he ran around rooms, over furniture, up onto the oddest places.. usually during conversations! Somehow he captured her heart online as much as I had offline. :whistle: They came to symbolize our relationship, our time together :music_dj: online while physically seperated by several states in 'the real world' One thing we have found throughout our relationship is that our interests are as diverse as our desire to work together is strong. <<random thought>> if you insert a spoiler around a smiley... does it keep you from seeing it? guess not! :wine: Cool background color though. :icecream: We have started several houses and room boxes together. We would finish more if I focused more, but I'm new to mini's and am definitely not a 'finishing touches' guy. Even in my 1:1 scale work, I leave the trim work to the beloved wife. Anyway, Nuff Ramblin! Howdy, Ya'll!! Thanks for making a poor gnome welcome in your garden! Bill :worthy: :jump:
  6. She's addicted! Her "To Do" projects book is rapidly getting fatter! Stop! Stop! Have pity on me! Ya'll have some seriously pretty pretties Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us!!
  7. The Gnome

    My First Table

    LOL.. you must have met my more garden oriented relatives! :lol: Oh! You're from Rhode Island! Lovely LITTLE place!! Gnumber One Gnome Tourist Spot! :kicking: I'm glad you enjoyed my little table Hehehe It's a bit rustic, and I'm not into finishing touches so for me it's complete hahaha My wife on the other hand is drooling over the opportunity to try out her new bashing skills to get my pretty little legs! :spar:
  8. ardvark (just a little leeway since there aren't any words that start with rd )
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