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  1. Oh my word!! I'm so inspired! Okay, I must confess 'hesitant' isn't what I'm feeling any longer; I'm SO EXCITED!! And Tracy, I had your Fireplace tut up for a few days, and then my system rebooted one evening and I hadn't located it since! I think I might love wickering, that is if I get half the results as you, Wen! Thank YOU, ladies, for all the info and links! :thumb: (My yummy daughter is still sleeping (time difference!), I think I'll start searching for a few books and reading a few tuts!)
  2. Hello Suus! Welcome to ~you~! Congratulations on your Garfield. It's one of my very favorite houses. I can't wait to see it...! Do you plan to share pictures as you build and decorate it? Again, I'm so glad you're here! :thumb: Warmly, Christine
  3. Hello everyone! All of you have been so sweet and just wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to write and making us feel so welcome! Tracy, thank you for including those hyperlinks on the bottom of your personal emails. If opening new doors to people is your desire, I can attest it works! I'm thankful I decided to venture over here once more to check it out. And I'm glad we became members! We've met so many incredibly gracious and humble people. The vast amount of expertise and experience here is overwhelming. I'm unsure if we couldn't find at least one person who knows something about
  4. Hi Whippet-Gal... I get around that all the time, as I'm always wanting to see what is being offered internationally (even though the Seller may think a Buyer in the US or elsewhere wouldn't want to pay the high price for shipping). Whenever I find something I want on eBay UK, I simply send a message to the seller ASKING if they wouldn't mind selling it to me, and if they're willing, I ask how much the shipping is. I think overall, I've only had one gent hesitant about giving me a shipping quote (he chose not to) and the rest have always been extremely nice and willing. I find absolute tr
  5. Hello! Thanks so much for all your sweet and wonderful welcomes! NewToMinis, your curtsey is most graceful! {You must have practiced for many hours!} I must admit I have laughed so much this morning (ROFL); I don't believe I will be getting the unexpected images of webbed feet out of my mind easily! Oh my word!! LOL ...and Yes! I have my hubby's namesake (written by Poortvliet/Huygen) right here! I'm recognizing some of you as I quickly jump to view a few of your Galleries. I'll need to take time to peak at everyone's! Oh, Welaine! You were the very first person to come by and
  6. Hi, My name is Christine and I'm new to the forum. I've been peaking around for the past week and didn't know I was supposed to introduced myself until a new friend mentioned that she just did. I thought, "Uh-oh...!" I, too, apologize if I "did it incorrectly!" :jump: I had no real intention of participating on the scale that I already have, but everyone here is so incredibly nice... It's just amazing to be a part of something so special. Thank you to all who have made me feel immediately welcome. Your houses are absolutely lovely! I've been an avid fan of miniatures since I w
  7. MLady


    Oh my word... this is stunning.. Beautiful job, Kate.
  8. MLady


    BaSh iT, KaTe! ...jus' BaSh iT!! See - I've learned this new term since joining this awesome forum only one week ago, and it's called ~BaShInG~. I've learned to not settle... By simply BaShInG it, we can make our dollhouses the way we ~DrEaM~ them!!! =) Add your kitchen, Kate! I'll support ya!! ...even if it takes you 15 years! ...wait... it HAS taken you FIFTEEN YEARS!!! LOL ... ... ...leave it, Kate... ...forget the kitchen. B)
  9. I can imagine walking up the stairs and turning to see that beautiful stained glass. Absolutely stunning, Kate...
  10. LOL! I like your comment about 'loading up on the gingerbread', Kate! I can't wait to see all your detailing! Well, just sign me up on your Fan Club membership list...
  11. May I introduce to you our new addition, Princess Pebbles! She's a Shih Tzu puppy and we got her in late January. She has her very own dot com website which states, Deservingly Loved and an Eensie-Weensie Bit Spoiled, well... because she is. She has a great smile, is simply excited to chase and be chased, loves ANYONE, lives for treats, owns it all, and most surprisingly, she's a Mini Biter & Kisser Beyond Belief! Pictured, well, she's just posin' for pictures! We just love her...
  12. MLady


    Oh my word! This picture looks professionally taken for some Frist Scale, high-end, Tuscan/Parisian gourmet magazine. Totally exquisite... I LoVe iT!
  13. MLady

    Table repaint

    Oh Wow... I love this... This is awesome!
  14. MLady


    Wow... THIS is sooo gorgeous! I especially appreciate the large picture(s?) in order to see all your hard work and details. It's magnificent!
  15. MLady

    The bottom floor

    Oh my word - I love it!! Such a cute idea and pretty counter!
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