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  1. mstnggyrl

    Bashed Bookcase

    Good work! I like it.
  2. I never got my order. I placed a complaint with the BBB. I got a refund out of the blue in November that was dated a MONTH earlier. I simply stated to the BBB that I wanted it sent, or refund me. (it was only siding and a stair banister) She chose to refund me after four plus months of sitting on it. I then ordered from HBS and got it, no prob.
  3. Yes, you can make lights out of in-line LEDs. Mine turned out nice yet cheap and solved my dilemma of using expensive lights, but it took weeks of experimenting to get an aesthetically good result if you make the fixture too. Leigh
  4. all three things are very well done!
  5. Kaspersky is good antivirus software....
  6. mstnggyrl


    What a pretty and contented cat! He looks like my HS cat.
  7. mstnggyrl


    You obviously put a lot of thought into this. It really shows. Good job!
  8. "Ginormous" is what my kids would say. What a lot of fun to finish, but it is really huge!
  9. mstnggyrl

    DH 91.jpg

    Exemplary job! Great detail.
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