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  1. They are lovely! Hope they go to a good home where they will be loved. Also hope she keeps at least one in memory of her grandmother.
  2. Nicholas, They are beautiful! So nice to view them. Magnifique!!!
  3. I love Victorians, Colonials, and Georgians.
  4. Thank you again, everyone. He lost 10 lbs in two weeks since his surgery the first week of May. He does not feel good and takes frequent naps which are probably good for him. They said recovery will be 12 weeks. I got help hired for the yard work. Wolfie, thank you for the update. So glad there are things Doug can do other than surgery. Take care, Virginia
  5. Thank you so much everyone!!! I have made calls to try to get some help with the yard, gardening, and vaccuuming. It is hard to find good help in a rural area. There are some Mennonite people nearby and I thought I'd see if they have any lady who will help me clean (you know I am disabled myself and DH used to vaccuum for me). Every day I have been taking a break to have a cup of tea and read the mail. My plan is to spend 1 hour in the yard and garden each day, Mon-Fri, rest, another hour doing laundry, dishes or cooking, take a nap before or after lunch and I have made some pots of soup - lentil, potato, veggie, minnestrone, and French onion and froze them into two serving portions so I can heat them up when I don't feel like cooking. DH has not had much appetitite since surgery. Have been taking shortcuts - ordering stamps online instead of going to the post office. Yes, believe me, it's far better to eat right, take vitamins, and do some walking rather than go through this miserable surgery. They had him stapled from the bottom of his neck down to his tummy and down both legs. One was totally black from the bruising from the groin to the ankle and stapled all the way, too. He is doing well, but not feeling good and weak and tired. You all have become very dear to me and I appreciate all of your kind words and support. Thank you sincerely. Blessings and joy to you, Virginia
  6. Cathy, your kitty is a sweetie! ;)
  7. I sorry I've been so busy with DH's recovery and it will be 12 weeks, then he gets the next surgery. I am not working much on my dollhouse as much as I would like - no time now! Wolfie, I imagine you are in the same boat. How is he doing? And how are you doing? What I've learned through all of this: Fat, sugar, and salt can make you very ill and can eventually kill you. Closely monitor blood pressure and LDLs and HDLs. They advise to drink 8 8-oz. glasses of distilled water per day. Taking Vitamin C. Go to the doctor regularly.
  8. Oh, Peggi, so sorry about the prostate surgery..mine had prostate radiation 2 years ago and I thought his tiredness and low energy were still part of that. Thought maybe they gave him too much and he had radiation sickness as did not know he had a heart problem. Bless you for your kind words. - Virginia
  9. That's great news Wolfie! Mine is very stubborn about moving from this house. He will not budge even for a nicer house, bigger barn, workshop or anything. He hates to move. I'd like to be closer to Eugene - prices are not as good as you have there though. The closer to the bigger cities, the higher the prices here and I'm like you...like to live on a few acres and have some peace and quiet. Hope you will be able to find something quickly and sell the other, too.
  10. Oh Wolfie, so sorry about his comment. He is probably tired of not feeling well and of medical procedures and knows this is a lot of extra work for you. I'm sure he appreciates you. It really is harder than I thought - I am disabled myself and I probably should have insisted he go to a nursing home for a week. Well, gotta go and get a little rest. Thank you Stuart. Yes, there must be some men who are good patients. Mine is not too bad - just a little grumpy here and there. He's actually better than before. I think he realizes how close he was to having a heart attack or stroke or dying. Bonne nuit. -Virginia
  11. Thank you Annette! He seems to have a little of the post-surgery depression they warned us of - this is only day 2 home. Probably should have encouraged him to go to nursing home/rehab facility for a week, but he wanted to come home and it is much more peaceful here, I thought he could sleep much better. I think he is maybe sad his summer plans are ruined - takes 12 weeks for the chest bone to knit back together they said. I keep trying to be cheery, but he is somewhat withdrawn. Won't call the kids to tell them he is home from hospital - doesn't want to talk about it. Thank you all for your prayers - think they are answered, he has had very little pain and little pain medicine. Wolfie, I know what you mean - it's hard being nursie 24/7. At least the ones in the hospital get to go home after their shift is over. I've been with him almost constantly for 8 days and his recovery is supposed to be for 6-8 weeks!!! Then, guess what? He is getting another (less traumatic) surgery when this one heals sufficiently. I am taking Vitamin C and getting a nap (when he takes his) to make sure I don't get sick since I am the only caretaker now that would be awful. Thinking and praying for you two.
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