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  1. Yes it’s open back. 

    1 hour ago, Medieval said:

    From the bent post to the rustic flooring to the stone fireplace...everything is rustic. Your personal style is so striking.  Definitely see little red riding hood on her way to visit grandma's house!

    thank you but I didn’t make this, a local woodworker made it, appreciate the kind words 

  2. And I am going thru the same thing as far as building a dollhouse. This is the first year I haven’t worked on something Christmasy. Just no time. Ive been thinking about paying one of my teenagers to do the main building and flooring for me then I could take over with the fun part lol. 

  3. 3 hours ago, otterine said:

    So lovely.  Now I'm going to have to watch the old animated Cinderella soon!  :D 

    Funny you say that, I did and couldn’t get over how high pitched the voices were especially the mice! Hard to listen to actually lol. Thank you! 

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