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  1. WyckedWood
    Well,since I blogged anything last I finished a Canterbury and cracked the box of the Beacon Hill. I did another paperclay roof on the Canterbury and I had better success with this one, but square tiles are much easier than fishscale ones,like I did on the Orchid.
    So,the Canterbury pictures are in my gallery,it turned out pretty cool.
    Now for the B.H.....I dont have any real direction here,but I rarely do starting a new build. Gotta say,Im not excited about the looks of that siding,I was expecting a thicker wood. Now I know why some people use it as floorboards,I can see where it would be good for that. I usually cover stuff in paperclay,but dont see where that would really fit with this house,it doesnt lend itself to any sort of tudor~ish or natural materials look. Its all Victorian. I could see a haunted house,but Im not in the mood for that. I cant do normal,so I guess it will be a shabby chic,old abandoned house look.Ive done several of those. I'll probably end up using the siding and doing some age paint effects. Im a little cash short right now,so much of this project will have to be what I have on hand to use,I should be OK there.
    Also I want to stick with a paperclay roof,but maybe a grey one. I just dont know if I want pastel shabby,white shabby or dark shabby....this house is at its best dark I think, its just so dramatic. Like an aging Hollywood moviestar from the 40s...."Im ready for my close up Mr. Deville...." lol...thats from Vanity Fair.hmmmmmmmmmm...................."It was a giant white elephant of a house"...Im doing that instant writing thing where you let your left brain take over and write whatever it wants...lol......the haunting of Hill house....where bricks met neatly,doors were sensibly closed and whatever walked there walked alone....or Salems lot....the Marsten house....could a house be evil,sort of a Beacon.....OMG...I better stop Im freaking myself out.....
  2. WyckedWood
    Water-damaged plaster and lath wall section. Master craftsmen working on old houses around 1900 and earlier used plaster and lath to construct all interior walls. Lath was painstakingly nailed horizontally to vertical studs to grab the first plaster coat and hold it securely. Plaster walls were smooth and silky, and when cured were paintable. Plasterers were skilled craftsmen who worked long hours perfecting interior walls. Dampness and wetness will cause the plaster to crumble, although fresh plaster may be used to repair water damage and render it new again. Plaster was made and built to last more than a lifetime. Plaster and lath walls took 30 days to cure, although craftsmen advised waiting a period of a year before painting. For this reason, many homeowners chose to wallpaper their walls so as not to ruin the plaster work by painting too early. Plasterers were expensive 100 years ago; now they are extremely expensive and hard to find. Many new residents decide to tear down the old plaster and simply put drywall in its place as a cheap fix to save time and money. Plastering involved placing three layers on top of the other. The first coat stuck to the oak strips and was called scratch coat, which was troweled carefully into the lath to form a bond. The second coat was called brown coat, then a finish coat was applied thickly and pressed firmly to form a half-inch wall of silky-smooth lime plaster. Benefits of plastered walls include soundproofing not present with regular drywall. Plaster walls have durability not seen these days with gypsum or drywall, with plastered walls outlasting their owner and beyond. It's also easy to paint, wallpaper or repair minor damage.
  3. WyckedWood
    Im very in limbo right now,waiting for trim to arrive and more flooring,also waiting to see if the glass can be cut. I dont like waiting.Ive been stalled out for so long that when I do get everything Im going to work some late nights to catch up to speed. Im really excited to get to the roof I have so many ideas for the exterior of this house. Im doing siding,but it will be shabby. The roof will be paperclay fishscale tiles and Im using the iron fence rails along the roof line. Ive been thinking about furniture a lot and Im leaning toward an abandoned look,but with just a few pieces of Bespaq(all I can afford anyway)the story may come out that the family sold off everything or that theives made off with what they could carry.
  4. WyckedWood
    No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there,walked alone.
    ~Shirley Jackson
    The Haunting of Hill House
  5. WyckedWood
    Just figured out that I wasnt 'publishing' my entries correctly and everything was showing up 'private'. I think I figured it out,but,in fixing the problem all of my entries are not in order. The Beacon Hill is the project Im working on right now:)
  6. WyckedWood
    Im working on my pub, its called The Witching Hour Pub and its made from an Astor Cottage kit. Ive been working on it off and on for a year exactly,my husband gave it to me for Christmas last year. Then for Valentines he gave me a vintage Queen Anne type house(I dont know what it was originally called)....anyhoo, I put my pub on the back burner and Im just starting to work on it again. Im glad I didnt finish it last year, since the original roof was a real thatch that was taking forever. I ended up switching to tea leaves and its much much better.My pub is close to being completed though, for Christmas I just wanted decorations for it,so I spent more than I ever have at HBS and bought tables,chairs,a bar, cash register,beer mugs,sign kit,etc. Then that wasnt hardly enough to fill it up(haha), so I placed another order yesterday,and bought an extra chair, an outdoor light ,and some other stuff I dont remember...more liquor I think. This is a witches pub,so Im trying to incorporate that into the theme, Ive got a wildebeast head that Im going to mount on the wall, and I want to learn to make my own animals from clay,for the witches familiars. I bought a book about that on amazon today. Im also going to make some witchy books, and "Haunted Monica" gave me some cool potions and a ouigi board that will be added. Im also lanscaping this cottage,Im looking forward to reaching that stage. Today I worked on the furniture,repainting some old stuff I had and 'aging' the chairs I got from HBS.
    In the picture,the chair on the left has been aged. I just like to take the new~ness from the finish away. Gotta start dinner,no more playing :(lol
  7. WyckedWood
    This month Ive put the Astor pub away for awhile. There was an unfortunate identity crisis happening. A complete break down of everything I had planned for it,including the witches theme. I dont know if I was forcing my will or if the pub was,but we are at a stand still. One day before his exile he was covered in flowered window boxes,hardly in keeping with a remote desolate pub out in the middle of nowhere. That was what finally made us both snap,I think.

    So, lucky for me,while he's sulking....I still have something to do...Ive brought my Orchid(Honeysuckle Cottage) back to the kitchen for more work. Ive added some really cool rose vines across the front porch,and just ordered 3 flower kits from Hanky Panky. Ive never made flowers from a kit,so Im excited about that. But the most exciting thing Im doing (well,for me its exciting)is, Im covering up her boring,everyday shingles and replacing them with paperclay fish scale shingles. Ive never done this before and I cant believe how much clay its using up,but I love this effect so much. I cant tell you how much better and more realistic it looks,and just more"cottagey". Im not sure what to do with the shingles,if I'll paint them or leave them in their clay white(kinda like them that way)..but Im leaning toward a watered down light gray color. I didnt know how to do the clay tiles,technically,but Im having pretty good luck just free form sculpting each tile and overlaying them onto the original shingle. Its not going to be perfect,and Ive learned a bit by trial and error,my next roof will be better...but Im doing OK with it. I just think I probably got my tiles too thick...oh well,I'll know better next time.

    So, Im also excited about a house thats coming from a seller on ebay, I won a Canterbury,only $25 with free shipping. Thats a sweet deal. Wheels are spinning with ideas for that house. Also, Im really itching to start on my Garfield and get working again on my big mansion. Theres a strong possibilty that the Garfield will be pieced out for the mansion,I bought the Garf. for only $50. on craigslist and I really need spare parts(staircases,trim etc.) to be able to finish the mansion. Thats a hard decision, but really,I just dont have the room for so many large houses,somethings got to give.
  8. WyckedWood
    not finished,but got one layer of paint on, isnt it funny how you think its all covered with paint then you take a picture and the flash shows little white spots you missed...grrr..and thats Dwight Shrute from The Office,standing down there critisizing me...
  9. WyckedWood
    Your fairy is called Hex Goblinwand. She is a bringer of riches and wealth.She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.She is only seen when the seer holds a four-leafed clover.She wears black feathers and rose petals. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.
  10. WyckedWood
    The room itself was large though low;and the heavy frames of its old fashioned windows,and the heavy beams in its crooked ceiling,seemed to indicate that it had once been a house of some mark,standing alone in the country.
    ~Charles Dickens 1878
  11. WyckedWood
    I wish I could come up with a name for this house,it hasnt come to me yet. Ive spent weeks on the main frame of the house and the stairs,hallway. But,honestly I havent worked much,Ive only had a little time here and there to work. Wish I could get in some of those really good 8-10 hour dollhouse days;)I have spent a lot of time resarching for this house,going through my reference books for old houses,and reading other builders blogs,and looking at pictures of other BHs.

    So,so far Im doing wood floors throughout. The trim wood is dark,a brown cherry look. Floors are walnut. I havent used any wallpaper yet,so far only plaster (peeling)which Im using paperclay for. Ive placed a largish order with HBS for doorknobs (20 in this house!)and some moulding. The doors will have trim added to make them a little more substantial. The overall palette is mahogany,mint green,lavender and cream. I did a nice stair runner with a piece of material tea stained.
  12. WyckedWood
    Still working on those paperclay shingles,and gotta say,its MUCH harder than it looks. Mine pretty much looks like a kindergarten project. I have new respect for those who have such beautifully tiled roofs. Im painting the tiles now and that has also proven to be a bit of a fiasco. I thought it would look a certain way, I can visualize it,but its not happening.Almost brought me to tears last night,after all that work and it looks like crap,shingles are different sizes and crooked,I dont know why I didnt notice it until I started painting.

    On the bright side,yesterday I found a new hobby shop in Modesto, its a bit of a drive, but worth it. They had a Buttercup kit which I snatched up,and I bought train moss.They had a pretty big selection of dollhouse stuff. Then hit Michaels for more DAS clay. Ive talked to two hobby shops that say theyre having a hard time getting in DAS clay,hope thats not going to become an issue,I really like that clay. Michaels had plenty of it. I also scored more barrels for the saloon and an owl,its not scale,but Im going to try some painting techniques to see if I can make it look smaller. Dinner time...
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