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  1. I LOVE organizing stuff. So organizing all my mini things and tools was right up my alley. I have a drawer each of: paint/sealers, tape/adhesives, sand paper/blocks, clamps, paintbrushes, and one for the misc stuff I use frequently (q-tips, microfiber cloth for sand dust, exacto knife, etc). For my mini furniture, I have them all organized by room and each room has it's own plastic tub. It saves a lot of time knowing where everything is when I need it, rather than spenidng time hunting for it
  2. Truth be told....dolls freak me out. Just being in their presence (mini or otherwise) does not do me well. I have always been that way, even when I was a kid. So I find it quite ironic that I am working on a DOLLhouse (which is coming along quite splendidly by the way). Surely I am not the only person who feels this way. Is there anyone else on this forum who feels the same way? Or do normal fellow doll haters just avoid the hobby completely, so as not to be bombarded with dollness? :kicking: I guess mine will be a doll-less-house.
  3. Well heck I was gonna, but then Jeff posted about Handley House having different colors, which HBS doesn't offer (at least not that I saw..I could be wrong about that). Thanks guys!! :lol:
  4. Fabulous idea :lol: With our new spam blocker that DH had to have, it blocks dang near everything, and even he doesnt know how to change it. LOL!!!
  5. I didn't know if they advertised their sales on their site. But I do now. Thanks Holly :lol:
  6. I am making slow but sure progress on my Foxhall (yay!). I picked out my exterior paint colors yesterday, which are tan/brown colors. I have my heart set on the gray asphalt roof from HBS, but from the picture it looks way dark, and I'm afraid it just will not go with my paint scheme. Does anyone know if it would be plausible to paint the roof? I'm thinking if so, spray paint would probably be best. Or should I just leave well enough alone and keep the gray color?
  7. Okay, I know about the yearly April Fool's 40% off sale (working ceiling fan anyone??). I have a lot of other items I want to buy in one large order. I know they do random sales during the year of 20% off, which I want to take advantage of to get more bang for my buck (since I don't have many bucks!). Hubby's new email spam blocker blocks the emails I used to get from them announcing their sales.....which never bothered me before. But now that I want to order, it does :lol: Any ideas when the next sale is??
  8. Will do. I'll post pics when I get it done :lol:
  9. Mike, I also tried to search for this subject and as you mentioned, but I got nowhere cause the word "tv" doesnt have the 4 letter minimum search criteria. Also searching for "television" didn't really work either. Holly, I wasnt planning on having a tv console. I'm saving my big entertainment center idea for the Living Room. My vision for the BR is to have a tv attached to the wall by itself over a fireplace. I saw a picture of a RL house like that and just fell in love with the look. I think the false wall idea would work for what I want. Amy, drilling holes in places not only is not my cup o' tea, but my Foxhall has the siding already milled onto it. My BR is on the 2nd floor. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out the logistics of where the wires could physically go, since they're almost as big as the tv itself!! It would be perfect if it was on the 1st floor so I can put it under the foundation as you mentioned :lol:
  10. Okay so I splurged and bought a working tv for my bedroom!! I am soooo excited to see how that will turn out. But I am just wondering.....how do I hide the wires? The wires are the same red, white and yellow plugs that you have on your RL tv, and they are RL scale also. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I have been doing a lot of shopping at HL for crafty dollhouse stuff. So this is right up my alley :lol:
  12. I love Mod Podge. I use it to protect everything I paint. It's great stuff.
  13. Thanks for all the comments ideas everyone! I knew y'all wouldn't let me down I look forward to seeing all of your pics as well. I think I'm gonna go with the hard acrylic sheet idea. That would be PERFECT....not too thick, yet not flexible so after I glue the heck out of it, no more curling issues. AND after I told hubby my plans, he said he even already has some. Brilliant! Now if he could only find it........
  14. I live in Shreveport, LA, which is the northwest part of the state. The only clubs listed were in New Orleans, which is about 5 hours away None close in TX or AR either.
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