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About Me

What is there to know about Wolfie? She is almost 73 years old, getting up there as old broads do. Sometimes forgetful - puts things down and can't find them....

Life has changed drastically for the old greying wolf. 2012 was hard, and best to stay in the 2012 post. 2013 started out pretty good. My beautiful Bengal Cat passed away in August of 2013. He was almost 18 years old, and really showed his age. He passed peacefully at home on his little bed. So now it's Sammy and I.

I've not had time to put the doll room/kiln room to order yet, as I have formed a partnership with my neighbor. I scroll saw and he does his woodworking. We are using my garage and have made a nice workshop for us, and still can get my car in there as well. We've been doing local craft shows and yes, taking orders for our things.

Other than that, Wolfie as you know her, is slowing down. I had a stroke two days before Thanksgiving, was in the hospital for two days, and have a little bit of a language problem, but nothing else. The doctor said it was a mild stoke. Scared me though.

I've lost about 50 pounds this year.......that is very positive! Have been approached to date, but it's still too early.

I still miss my home, but you can call me: Content.........

Happy birthday to those I have missed and congratulations to those I have missed.


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