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  1. Swan House has lovely things. I waited about 6 weeks for my item and it came directly from the manufacturer. I too got the "it will ship next week". But they must be okay most of the time...many of their items are very exclusive and expensive. I dont think I would order from them again unless I knew the item was either in stock or they delay would be a while, up front. Good Luck. ps Try SP Miniatures, they have great items and ship super fast!!!)
  2. very nice! love the quilt and the plate rack ....nice job
  3. Oh, regarding this house, I would sell either one I have at a bargin price, and I noticed you are in PA (Im in NJ about 30 miles from the del water gap/ Route 80)....Alyce
  4. I paid $125 for a complete kit (still factory sealed) not with wing additions, and I paid $100 for a completed house off ebay (no wings) with electrical and in excellent shape and including some furniture. It was local, so no shipping for either. Hope this helps.
  5. very nice! Love the whole scene and especially the loom.
  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! My poor husband is just about the only one who sees them, and he dutifully oohs and ahhs. I have jamie's book which is so helpful, but mostly it has been try try again.
  7. Hi all, I havent posted for a while but I have been busy learning how to make dolls. I am posting below my version of Sargent's madam X and caroling dolls I made at the request of a friend. I hope you are all well and having a good start to the new year. Alyce
  8. :lol: Congrats - please tell me what is special about this house? I googled it but not much came up. Is it just on ouse, or a line of houses...tell all....thanks alyce
  9. I started doing room boxes so I could try new things. I will have my piano quartet in a room box soon....something really different from a house or even a room, since it will be a stage!
  10. It is the artply Bobbie but also has another name too.
  11. I got one on ebay and while ago and then (fool that I am) bought a completed one on ebay too.....
  12. very, very nice and someone asked you to make it too....
  13. I have found tht 1/12 seems a little too big. Try 1/16. Home Goods often has a variety of metal cars and trucks, for like $15. See if there is one in your area. http://www.homegoods.com/index.asp
  14. Love it all...the color scheme is super! And the copper roof a wow!!
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