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  1. This is wonderful! So creative and so well executed!
  2. As always, your dolls are fabulous!!
  3. alycemina

    Cor-Cor Train

  4. alycemina

    Lady in White

    trying to copy a painting scene
  5. alycemina

    The Chaperoned Meeting

    A tea between lovers with horse and carriage and the dreaded chaperone
  6. alycemina

    Farm House Rehab

    ebay special
  7. alycemina

    Swedish Roombox

    A room box in the Swedish style (Gustavian period)
  8. alycemina

    Adams Contest

    2008 HBS contest
  9. alycemina

    RGT Conservatory Jr.

    Conservatory with plants
  10. I have been working on a dh to sell....it was an extra I had and someone asked to buy it if I would finish the details. I hope to be done this week (I said it would be finished a week from Sunday Jul 6) so I can get back to my plantation, the finishing touches on my Georgian and really get going on my Adams contest and the kitchen roombox for my brother (a surprise birthday gift). My RL house is a mess and I am going to get cleaning this week (I did do laundry today, however). Have a great Sunday.
  11. Hi everyone! Today I am going to continue to sort out my studio - it only took my 6 weeks to make a mess of it, tripping over stuff on the floor etc. Last night I put up some more shelving and this morning DH helped me move a sturdy shelf unit from storage so I can go vertical with stuff, not horizontal. I am working on my Caribbean plantation - avoiding the electrical but cant do anything else until I do it, since I have to tip the house on its side to get to the tapewire on the ceilings. Hope you all have a great day...Alyce
  12. try printing your rugs on "fuzzy Paper" it is super and like suede but really paper.You can find on microformat.net
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