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    Dollhouses of course,LOL. Also I am an artist ,paint pencil, sculpt. I also am a homeschooling mother of three along with running the house while my husband is out of state working I have time to also be a pet owner too. I Have always loved toys though. Mainly dolls and tiny things.

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  1. :lol: No, I can't post any pics I use my cell to take the file is to big. I don't know how to fix it. I shrank the pic but that is still to big. Some one did for me!!!!! :angry: Thank you B)
  2. Check out the Barbie bed I tossed togather for my girls' Christmas. http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/23570...101335802ViQlNY
  3. I was lookinf at buying Houseworks Design Book1 , Anyone have any recomendations? I want one with plans for drawers that open. Let me know what you think.
  4. This is a hard question. I think of the ones I have built I like my Maquam hill manor the most. But of all tha houses out there I am still holding out for the Queen anne II
  5. So, sorry hun!!! I forgot to let all know it is fine. I was emailed a copy.
  6. Ok I have built several houses with this. Is there anywear I can buy it? I want to have opening windows wilth less cost.Help?
  7. Take some gun safty and training classes, my dad taught them for years. My gun is a daringer, Two shots,hides easily in a bra 9mm. Nice for close up attacks. I also have my husbands 9mm and it has many clips full and ready if I ever need it. The shot gun is scary looking. You can't mis with it. just aim and some shot will hit. I personaly have never felt natural with a gun but I know how to use it and when to use it!! Sure makes you feel more secure and less fearful.
  8. Ok. so a few minutes ago I heard hard banging at the door(like a cop in the movies!!!!!).Mind you that I have a sign on my door that reads door not answered Monday thru thursday.And it was almost ten at night on a Monday and I am home alone with kids in bed(husbands first day back to work). I grab Matilda(my husband's shot gun) All my dogs are going nuts(they normally don't bark). So I answer the door and the guy about wets himself.( I did NOT aim the gun at him just holding it t the floor). He lost his dog, I said "You wake my kids and I'll do more then answer the door armed, goodnight."
  9. So I bought this beacause my friend said it was good. I used it the cabinet for our homeschooling. Now when I open the doors I have chalk boards. It does apear and feel like black slate. I think I will make some chalk boards for my neices for Christmas. And of course the application in the mini world is very exiting also. It is made by Krylon, they also make glow in the dark(cool), and magnetic(haven't tried it yet)
  10. It is called Lichen or something like that. You get it at a model train store. Comes in a nice autum tan. It would be my choice. and then just cut it.
  11. So now I have gotten into 1/2 scale and I need to fill these houses. Problem is that I have tryed to make things for them but they are just sooooooooo tiny. I would love some help. You know good kits and sites, Printable furniture. Any help would be great!!!!!!!
  12. When I was little my granmother would take me trick or treating to all the elderly farmers in her area. So as a tradition I give my kids and the kids of our freinds(who trick or treat us later in the evening) popcorn balls and carmel covered apples.I know it is traditional and all but now a days no one gives them out because it isn't safe. And I don't think it feels like the hollidays with out it. You can slice the apple and put them on round toothpicks, then poor the carmel over for a smaller less exspensive version(also great for those who have ful beards,like my husband)
  13. I was never a major crusher like all of the other girls I knew but I did have a thing for Kirk Cameron. I still think very highly of him and love his work still today.
  14. Gremlins?!!??? :lol: Maybe your right?!?!
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