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  1. You get all excited for nothing...not fun! Sounds like it's resolved now though. Good luck with the prep and building -Chris
  2. Excellent!!! Now I can ask what you plan to use for attic stairs.
  3. Amazing - you are really gifted. I love all of your albums!
  4. I had some problems with kitchen furniture but it was because I was trying to put too much stuff into a small space. th 1:12 scale will work - you just have to be creative with how you outfit everything. I am working on a Peirce as well. Have you selected attic stairs? I am curious to see what people used for the attic entry. Good luck!
  5. Wow! That sounds so perfect! So much thought and detail - I can't wait to see how the ideas materialize! :yes:
  6. What a great idea!!! I can do that. Thanks :yes:
  7. No, I am using the circular staircase and there is no real straight edge like with the other staircase. I have the strip wood that I used for the front porch that I could finish and use as a transition. Would it look goofy to extend the parquet to the french door alcove and use that as my line? Run the parquet up to the edge of the wall closest to the alcove. I am just worried about the look of the parquet to regular flooring and then add the stairs in there. I need to edge the wallpaper over to the end of the front door too so it is flush with the white trim. It's never easy!
  8. LOL! OCD - yes! I bought the parquet floor and finished it. Luckily I bought two because I needed to add a section so it went to the edge of the dh opening. I am not sure just how far to extend it though - any ideas?? How can I transition from parquet to regular flooring without it looking goofy?? I told my husband that this is my hobby and sometimes hobbies are expensive but isn't my happiness worth it? I don't think he's buying it.
  9. I have been shalacking, sanding, painting, priming, and buying and buying and buying (fabric, wood, lights, etc.). Why wasn't there a warning on the dh box that said While the kit might cost $100, you will invest close to $1,000 before you are done...if you ever are! Ok, here are some updated pictures - hope you don't mind me posting them. My poor but kind boss is indulging my need to show him all of my progress. I forwarded him some pictures for work-related stuff and a couple dh pictures made it in by "mistake". Perhaps I will be done this weekend???
  10. Here is the paint color - sorry for the delay - I didn't realize anyone had responded and I have it set up to tell me too! I guess I better check that out though
  11. Your Federal DH kitchen is exactly how I envisioned my Pierce kitchen!!! Do you do this for a living or for fun? You have some amazing dollhouses! I can't wait to go through the rest of the albums :wub: -Chris
  12. Oh my!!! How lovely! I wish I could move right into it :whistle: Thanks for sharing!
  13. Very exciting! Congratulations and have fun
  14. Selected the color for the 1/2 round windows. Installed the front door, added a front porch light, changing the front porch flooring, etc. I am putting off the interior because I have no idea how to hide plugs. Pretty soon the exterior will be done and I won't have any excuses!
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