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  1. This is a great tutorial. Thank you so much! I think I may try it. I'm always excited to learn new skills!
  2. Thank you Sable. We are going and will make a weekend trip and have a good time either way. Looking forward to seeing what they have. The last time I went to a show, it was in Orlando in the 1990's. I hope to make it to a big show sometime.
  3. I am not sure if I'm posting in the correct section, but there is a miniatures show in Lakeland, Fl which is a few hours drive for me. I was wondering if any of the Floridians here have ever attended this show? I would've loved to have gone to the Chicago show, but due to medical issues, I am not always able to travel. Does anyone know if this a show with a lot of vendors and displays? I know you can shop online, but it's nice to see the products in person. I am just starting a scratch build house, but it has been many years since I was involved in miniatures. Now that I find myself with some time to dedicate to this hobby( I am now disabled due to the big "C") I am excited to attend some shows. I'm hoping it's worth the trip. I have been lurking in this forum and I am so fascinated by the talent here. There is such a wealth of information here and for that, I am grateful. Thank you!
  4. Simschica


    Sable, is this the Hobby Lobby in PB?
  5. Simschica


    What a great idea! Very creative.
  6. Simschica


    That looks great!
  7. Simschica


    Really nice! Would love to know how you used the cricut, if you don't mind sharing info.
  8. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Enjoy the journey.
  9. Simschica

    Kitchen Island front

    I love this island! It reminds me of my real life kitchen.
  10. Thanks so much for the info everyone!
  11. Simschica

    Marble Hearths

    Love the marble! May have to try this idea.
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