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  1. All fixed - just a "robot" spammer that decided to mass-message everyone on the board. When I delete an account there's also an option to remove all of their sent/received PMs which I did also. They're crafty and get smarter all the time, so one will make it through now and then
  2. I can change that, will do shortly.
  3. This is normal and working as intended for now, thanks :)
  4. Hi everyone, Much anticipated, but finally here - you can now delete your attachments and gallery images. 1. To delete attachments, upper right corner click your username and from the dropdown choose "My Attachments" - they can be deleted from there. 2. When viewing your own gallery images, under "Manage image" beneath the photo, click "Hide" to delete it.
  5. Just did the upgrade today - posting an announcement shortly! Lots of gallery-specific fixes :)
  6. Hi everyone, Just wanted to make you aware that you can now post status updates right from the main board and reply to each other's statuses again. Thanks for your patience while we re-added this feature. Logan
  7. All the maintenance tasks have finally completed and things should run much quicker now
  8. Yes. It can be accessed from http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com for now
  9. Certain things are missing from mobile view yes to allow for more content viewing space. If all the post information was listed in mobile view (location, etc etc) it would be a very tight screen. I've re-added joined date to desktop view as this was missing after upgrade. Did people want local time re-added as well?
  10. Glad you like it! Always open to suggestion for board improvement.
  11. At this time it's not possible for them to be static I don't believe, I will look into ti though.
  12. I'll see about re-adding a back to top button! That should be easy enough. Update: Added! Hi Mike! I will agree with you. I'm not overly happy with this layout/interface either. It's taking some getting used to for sure. We unfortunately at GL did not design it. We will be getting a custom theme, and with it we can change some design elements. So if you have any specific suggestions please let us know! Hm, odd that they took that out. I disagree with that also, that was convenient. I'll add this to my list also!
  13. Emoticons will be restored soon! Small issues like these will be resolved in coming days, don't worry.
  14. Status updates are there now, and recent topics will be returning soon as well yes!
  15. The upgrade has now been completed. Getting used to the new set up will be a transition, but if you have any questions in the mean time please do let me know. You'll notice that the new software is much smoother to use on mobile devices and iPads as well. The look and feel will be changing shortly.
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