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  1. I was concerned about grout lines when I was working on my "kitchen remodel" because I feel like the grout lines give it a more realistic look. So after I painted my tile a more glossy finish and let it cure, I filled in the grout lines with a flat paint in the same color (because the sheens made a good contrast) and just immediately wiped off the excess that got onto the tile itself. You can see the lines very clearly (in my opinion, anyway ;-) in my pictures. Maybe this will help ;-) Love your photos too, BTW!
  2. How adorable is this? I love your quiet corner
  3. HollywoodHerz


    It's my sister house! It is a long process but your house is really looking great! I can't believe we chose such similar colors for our San Franciscans. Can't wait to watch the progress on your home.
  4. HollywoodHerz

    My Dollhouse Pics

    This is my First Dollhouse (And the only one I've completed so far)
  5. Love the whole room and the jukebox. of course, but those barstools just crack me up for some reason--they are adorable!
  6. Is it wrong that I want to dig up your plants while you are sleeping and plant them in my dollhouse yard? Hehehe ;-)
  7. HollywoodHerz


    Tres chic--urban hip! Love it!
  8. Oh, your hyacinth look so cheery--I can almost smell spring around the corner ;-)
  9. HollywoodHerz

    Feb 12 07.JPG

    I love your blue kitchen! I just want to break in there to steal those plates--the detail is so exquisite! Better lock your doors, Tams ;-)
  10. HollywoodHerz


    I'm drooling over your house! I love the subtle color scheme--so sophisticated looking!
  11. I've seen the rose fireplace as well--both colors look great. I love beautiful fireplaces too. That's interesting you found that in the Smithsonian Catalogue--I just got my copy the other day but haven't gotten a chance to look at it yet.
  12. Oh my gosh--I just ordered this SAME fireplaces! LOL. I have to compliment you on your wonderful taste!
  13. Love your colors! I'm working on the San Franciscan as well. I'm happy you posted your pics --it's always nice to have some fresh ideas and inspiration.
  14. I love the lighting in this room--it really makes the scene look so real! Love the brick fireplace too.
  15. As much as I enjoyed all the adorable things you made, this sweater takes the cake! I wish I was able to fit my fat head through it so I could wear it. Lol.
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