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  1. WELCOME! I'd suggest getting a catalog from the company you like...if Greenleaf or Real Good Toys. Try to get a catalog with their houses, I prefer a real catalog vs online. And just flip thru them looking and figuring out which will be for YOU. It might take a bit. I still browse my greenleaf and real good toys catalogs looking for the next perfect one!
  2. OH i hear ya on Ebay shipping. Miniature shipping prices are ridiculous. A tiny item that would fit in an envelope and could be shipped for the cost of one stamp almost always carries a minimum $5 shipping charge. It is for this reason I avoid ebay for miniatures. I might here and there for an obscure item, otherwise i forego it. I use Miniatures.com (hobby builder supply) or dollhousecollectibles.com. Between the two of them I find eveyrhting I need most of the time. ANd miniatures.com has great sales all thru the year. I get my wish list going and when it reaches a certain amount I
  3. One of my favorite houses! What renov plans do you have for it? Reshingling? Repainting?
  4. Does she like Victoria's Farmhouse? It looks very similar to this one but smaller.......but it is STILL a big house!
  5. I would definitely ask her where she is going to put it and for her to pull out the tape measure. Most people dont realize the footprint on these things fully. Even if she has a grasp for the width, once that house is built UP and out and around it can be HUMONGOUS. And if I am correct in assuming this thing is MDF it is going to weigh A TON. Definitely build for her what she wants so she is happy, but you being the expert I would definitely suggest asking her some probing questions so she fully understands what she is getting into!!!!!!!! this house is as WIDE as I am tall, EXACTLY!
  6. I do very well learning from books. When I was young I had a metal dollhouse and a metal ranch set, an electric train, logs (can't remember the name of them now), a huge erector set and other fun "boy" type toys. Eventually I got into building dollhouses and as they say, the rest is history. If I don't learn one new thing or skill every few days I consider myself lazy. I'm very hard on myself and I make lots of mistakes! But I learn from them too! Or I like to think I do! I've got lots more to learn before I leave this earth! You must mean LINCOLN logs? If so I loved those too! I love
  7. I plan to build this one for my grandaughter this christmas! Any tips/suggestions you learned along the way - do share! This seemed like a nice size, and very durable for a little girl who will play with it. She is too young for a diecut, but real good toys makes a sturdy house that should have some serious playability as well as good looks! hopefully it assembles and builds a lot like my Vermont Farmhouse Jr I have just finished (finished exterior that is, the decorating and wiring has just begun! YAY)
  8. I guess I should have added magazines to my last post.......since I began building before the internet was popular, all I had really was my own practice/trial and error and magazines. I almost forgot to mention those. Nutshell News was my friend back then!!!! I awaited every new issue wtih such anticipation! The internet has opened a whole new world for miniaturists. It is great to share the love of the craft with others, and to exchange tips, and photos. Very nice to be able to share photos of our work with each other. Back in the day, people would look at my work and like it, bu
  9. I definitely am looking to make regal style drapes and cornices, both in my Vermont Farmhouse and My Linfield Victorian. So the polyester style I was referring to that you just tie and hang would not do what I want anyway. Will definitely look for fabric that wrinkles when crumpled. Funny, this may be the only time in my life that a fabric that wrinkles easily is a plus LOL I made pleats years ago by wetting the fabric and pleating by hand then spraying with hairspray. The spray starch method and using pins or pleating on a pleater should definitely yield better results. I want my
  10. Oh and when i mentioned knit polyester type fabrics, I meant for non pleated curtains...I know that it is thin and hangs well for curtains that you might want to just tie back, not for pleats, works well for bed dressings and such too . I did bed spreads with it before because it folds and hangs over so easily and is to scale. A thicker fabric I have a hard time with on table clotsh, bedspreads, etc. Good tip about quilting fabric being higher end than discount store fabric. Makes sense! Good news is - for miniaturists we dont need a LOT of fabric so it makes it easier to spend a litt
  11. thank you for this comment about that book! Ironically I placed that book in my amazon shopping cart earlier today! So glad to hear from someone who has it! I got busy and left it in the cart to come back to later...now I know i will buy it!
  12. Another great tip Anna! THese both are exactly the type of tips I was looking for...if anyone has more, keep them coming! Another question - what is the BEST type of fabric for this job? I think I used to use a lot of thin, knit type polyester because it was so thin and laid very easily for this type of scale work. ANy otehr suggestions? What type of fabric works best with the spray starch? A type that does not ravel I am sure is best, any other hints?
  13. Thank you Holly! I am going to give that a shot with the skewers!
  14. Masking tape and/or index cards. I use index cards a lot for that sort of thing on the outside of the trim because they are thin enough to slide under the trim ever so slightly. Hold them in place while painting then just throw away after each use. On the inside i use a combo of masking tape and scotch tape. Scotch tape being thinner and easier to manipuate i use on the really curved windows to keep paint off the glass/plastic.
  15. I agree with all who said practically any smaller kit/cottage would work. A small four room cottage, minus the room partitions, would work well for this type of project. The only thing I would say to look for is a kit that has no side windows (so you can put your bar to the side with no obstructions and lend you more wall space in general)
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