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  1. gamma

    bay area

  2. gamma

    top piece

    i cannot wait to see the whole building painted...it is beautiful
  3. gamma

    Entrance_ first wall

    From the album: Primrose House (1:24 scale, tudor era)

    I started my second room, next the kitchen...This new space, probably, will be a sort of entrance from the street...after all Thomas can afford to have an entrance as those of the richest families in town. The room will be all panelled around, and this first set of panels took me 4 days to be completed... Everything was scratch built (also the stool and the small grind stone behind the door); the parts of the structure and the panel pattern too are taken from a real tudor room; hope you like
  4. it is very nice and fits perfectly
  5. gamma


    beautiful night view
  6. i have started the second room at "Primrose House", wood panels all around on the walls
  7. am i allowed to sign? i am italian; if "yes" i'll be glad to help
  8. gamma


    absolutely beautiful
  9. i have always thought that mini mini ing is a quite dangerous hobby
  10. gamma

    Img 1696

    outstanding, a top class work
  11. gamma

    candle torch

    it is really well made, I like it
  12. gamma

    candle torch

    it looks great!
  13. gamma

    Img 1692

    a very special shop front , i like it
  14. your car is a real beauty...if 1:24 cars look too big is because our 1/2" (1:24) scale houses are "partially" (something is right something is not) undersized , especially the bigger ones; there is a sort of "compression factor" used by manufacturers to keep the final size reasonable...the same happens for railroad models... they look right but...are not
  15. I saw it a too long time ago to remember but...the thrill begins :-)
  16. gamma

    Tower light

    very special light and atmosphere, great!
  17. gamma

    Tudor Inn

    a real stunning work
  18. gamma


    it is a wonderful car!
  19. gamma

    Front entrance

    it is a very nice door indeed
  20. gamma

    Dining Room

    very elegant, I like the fireplace
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