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  1. smehreen

    The Garfield by S. Mehreen

    This blog chronicles the construction of my Garfield dollhouse. To read the details, please visit http://thegarfieldblog.blogspot.com
  2. smehreen

    The Perfect Lawn

    I did it Tracy!!!! and I was inspired by you...
  3. ha ha...I started working on this house in 2007...I wish I worked fast, but I really didn't
  4. smehreen

    Weather Vane

    Brae, I am unbelievably flattered
  5. smehreen

    Front Door

    I used wood grain printed Con-Tact paper. I found one that was a darker color, and one that was lighter. I cut out one inch squares and pasted them on the floor. It was considerably cheaper than using wood vineer, but it had taken me a long long time.
  6. smehreen

    Front Door

    Actually, I started building this years ago, but haven't had the chance to post the photos here :-P
  7. smehreen

    Dining room

    Your Garfield is coming along so nicely! I adore the chandelier Sumaiya Mehreen http://thegarfieldblog.blogspot.com
  8. I've been to Through the Keyhole! I live near Dallas, so that's the only real dollhouse store in the area...I LOVE going there!
  9. I use wood glue on my Garfield. I usually secure the parts with masking tape so that they don't move when drying. My Garfield construction blog maybe helpful. Here's the link: http://thegarfieldblog.blogspot.com/
  10. As far as I know, Robin sold hers in '06. I am the one blogging about her houses this year, so on my blog the posting date shows up as 2008. But the house was made some years ago. I'm a big fan of Robin's faux stone exteriors too!
  11. actually, i changed my blog's address. the new link is: http://thegarfieldblog.blogspot.com/
  12. actually, i just change the blog address. the new address is: http://thegarfieldblog.blogspot.com/
  13. Hi: I am building the house right now and documenting the construction on my blog: smehreen-garfield.blogspot.com ... leave a comment on the blog if you have questions about any particular steps...
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