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  1. I ordered one. As slow as I am it probly won't be done on time. Have a couple of ideas, but should finish the store I started two years ago.
  2. beth2

    bashed hutch

    That is cute. What a clever idea.
  3. Thanks Rhonda. I have see lots of them but have a problem remembering where I saw them. Thanks to all your time they are now all in one spot. I have added it to my favorites. Thanks again.
  4. How cute, Tanya. Ask your dentist for the cotton swabs he puts in your mouth, that soaks up moisture, while he's working on your teeth. You can cover them the same way and use them as bosters on your bed. Just leave the ribbon off. Marie
  5. beth2

    web sites

    Thanks ladies. I put a lot of sites in my favorites. My computer crashed a couple years ago and I lost a lot of sites. Now if I see something I really like I copy it and put it in my library. Hopefully nothing will happen to it.
  6. I know the project pages goes back to 2006 but can so many sites be gone? I went through most of the pages and was checking web sites. So many of the sites can't be found. I have two granddaughter that want to make things, so I figured what better place than here where everyone is such a wealth of information. Thanks for any help you can give me. Marie
  7. beth2

    bargain christmas tree

    What a beautiful tree.
  8. beth2

    Butcher - upper level

    You and your daughter did a wonderful job on this.
  9. You must have put a lot of time and effert into this. It really shows of countless hours. Super job.
  10. beth2


    The Pub is really cool !. Did you make the stools from your own design? It's just fantasic....
  11. beth2

    greenleaf 4

    Looks so inviting.
  12. beth2

    The "addition"

    I'm ready to move in. Just my kind of living. Great job.
  13. beth2


    This is wonderful. So much detail. Where did you find do many differant jars for the shelves downstairs?
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