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  1. hello pauline ... i also collect model trains ( HORNBY TRAINS IN OO SCALE (1-76) AND A FEW DINKY AND CORGI TOYS TOO ) I ALSO COLLECT BARBIE AND GIJOES AND CYGIRLS TOO ALL THREE IN 1-6TH SCALE AND I MAKE COSTUMES FOR THEM ) I AM A DOCTOR WHO FAN AND A FAN OF HARRY POTTER also.........and my sisters name is pauline too ..but we lost her in 1998 then dad in 2000 and then my mom in 2007 so now i am the only one left............SO I GET TO PLAY TOYS ALL DAY LONG and i even have a Gscalke 1/24th scale thru to 1/29th scale train test track setup in my living room its only 6 feet wide by 1
  2. YOUR WELCOME hOLLY ... i can only buy my stuff on line only .....cause i can't go away from the house (medical problems) ..i even have to buy all my food from the internet ... its a real pain some times ...i haven't seen a real store in over 3 years .. .. here in KEYSER WV there are no craft shops nor fabric shops and no toy stores either ..only wallmart ..but they don't deliver .........so there fore i save on car insurance ...... they don't cover my matchbox cars !!!!!
  4. http://www.sciplus.com/s?sStr=MAGNETS&x=0&y=0 LOOK DOWN THIS PAGE FOR STRIP MAGNETS $2.95 PER PKG OF 15 http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/dmc/dmc735002.htm MAGNETIC STRIP $1.99
  5. ApeDolly

    MYOD H PH011

    nuttiwebgal check out MYOD H PH018 photo it will show you all of what i had to doo to the porch to keep it ......so i use it for the house crummy wood on most of these smaller parts....i had too add pieces to keep it from falling apart and so it still looked good
  6. ApeDolly

    MYOD H PH017

    tep hes here to add his DOOM AND GLOOM REPORT ..to let me know about my mistakes
  7. ApeDolly

    MYOD H PHO22

    well chapchap73 don't be too jealous of my room its only 7 feet wide by 10 feet long and its houses all of my model kits, train buildings,trains and all of my tools i use and lots of junk i have saved over the years ...... and its not big enough ...lots of my stuff is stacked up in other rooms cause it woun't fit.......
  8. ApeDolly

    MYOD H PH011

    HI ..i did not glue on any of the porch parts yet ...just wanted to see how it went together......i did glue the porch railing together henc the clamps ..and the frame for the porch is glued but not the steps nor the porch floor.......i even had to reinforce the porch step fram cause the one in the kit was too flimsy i used 1/4inch by 1/4 square dowels and cut holes on both sides of the porch front frame to hold them in place...later on i will have to take a photo of what i did...
  9. ApeDolly

    MYOD H PHO22

    chapchap73 thats an radio shack electronics project ..its called INVENTIONS and it dosen't work as well as there hype says it should and they would not take it back.. Gonzo (muppett) i am the model builder.... i build 1/24 and 1/25 th scale cars and trucks for my G scale railroad and i also build military planes ,tanks and others in various scales ..... you name it i probably build it or at lest know about it......
  10. ApeDolly

    MYOD H PH007

    YES I DOO i have had these 4 clamps now for almost 2 years now and they are very handy with building model homes like for doll houses and for modelrailroading ..they doo great holding the walls together so you can glue them together.. ....
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