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  1. I agree, this is the right spot. It's so beautiful. Is there anything that you can't do:)
  2. AandC construction


    I love how the color of the buffet, "pops":)
  3. AandC construction


    Your studio couldn't have turned out nicer. You are a true artist!
  4. AandC construction


    All I can say is, wow!
  5. You are doing a really, really nice job with this house. The colors are perfect and the shingles compliment it, just right!
  6. You are doing a beautiful job!
  7. I love all the details that you are putting into this build. I can't wait to see what else you do!
  8. As beautiful as this looks in the pictures, it must be absolutely amazing in real life!
  9. It's really starting to shape up:) I love the color of the floor.
  10. You have such amazing style! Everything you do turns out awesome:)
  11. Love the stonework:)
  12. I'm loving this build!
  13. AandC construction

    my room

    Fantastic room, and so well organized! Love it:)
  14. Wish I had a dedicated studio:) So many possibilities!
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