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  1. The Martha's Vineyard house is now available on Debbie Young's website, which I think is probably a good sign for the Charleston house. I agree it's just gorgeous.
  2. Try scribing the veins into the paper with a stylus (like a dry pen or the end of a file), so that the veins become indented and raised. Then they'd be visible on both sides, and maybe curl with the veins realistically.
  3. I'm a fan of freezer paper myself. It's waxed so stuff doesn't stick to it, and it comes in truly massive rolls. And you can use it to put a casserole in the freezer. Which is nice.
  4. Cleaned my work area. Tired of working around it rather than really being able to use the space, so I finally deconstructed my old desk and kicked it out and reclaimed the futon. Now there are corners where the dh can be shoved when I'm not working on it, and space to breath when I need this room to just allow some peaceful time to myself. Much better! New challenge is keeping it this way. If only so much of our other stuff wasn't stored here for lack of anywhere else!
  5. Susan, those are deliciously vibrant flowers, and I LOVE the windows you installed behind them! Gorgeous! Have any of you constructed any of the Bonnie Lavish paper flower kits? Did you find them fairly straightforward, or did they make you want to tear your hair out? They look lovely, and so realistic.
  6. Ha. This is year three on a lot of my plants, as there was nothing in the ground when we bought this house. Moreover, I strongly favor old-fashioned perennials, so I've got a lot to split out. Some of the split plants will go into spots where I keep losing to weeds, but I'm likely to have more than I need. It's one of those tasks I've been putting off. Anybody near northwest Indiana want some tall daylilies, lavender, catmint, sedum, bearded iris, or even the dusty miller (supposed to be an annual here) that just won't die...? The list goes on. Another year or so and I'll have starts on R
  7. Oh yes, and I'll stick with it. I can already see how Otterine's method is going to help smooth things over, and it's easy to stick with a niggly routine when it obviously works. I'll just pick a future house that won't need as much of it. I have a future project in my head that's a converted hip-roofed barn, made into an open and kind of loft-y house, but I haven't been able to find a barn kit that would be large enough for the interior look I want, and I'm not planning to jump from first kit to scratch build. We will find something else first.
  8. Wilkommen! There, that's the extent of my German. Your English certainly is better.
  9. I don't know if lilies work in a window box. I have them in my own garden because they come back every year but they definitely can get out of hand.
  10. Well, thanks to Trish, I should acquire a small starter stockpile shortly. The trouble I have is that it's just my husband and I, and with both of us working full time, we just don't eat at home like we should. I don't even bake much for fear of eating it all by ourselves. I'm lucky to buy more than six eggs at a time, and I don't think I've prepared anything without checking whether the eggs float first in months! It's also difficult around here to find eggs that aren't in styrofoam to begin with.
  11. Well, I feel like I'm finally making progress. I keep losing the digital camera, though, which should be more difficult than it is. It's not a big house. I have two probably-slightly-wonky staircases glued together (apart from treads) with a coat of primer on and sanded and some wood filler and spackle drying now. I'm trying otterine's primer/spackle prep (on her blog) for the pieces I plan to paint. It's pretty much impossible to argue with her results: so beautiful. I started priming room partitions. I'm planning to wallpaper, with mostly solid scrapbook cardstock, but it just seem
  12. Any recommendations on sourcing adequate egg carton for bricks? Or are there other similar papers that can get me a similar effect?
  13. Flowers classified as "annuals" ordinarily make good plants for window boxes; they cannot survive the winters in the local climate and thus never get very big and won't be cramped in a box. It's fairly easy to see on the internet what flowers are annuals and which are perennials, which tend to be large frowsy plants that come back (just a little bigger) every year. These are good options to plan for a permanent planting around a foundation.
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