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  1. I bought a lg box of minis and wanted some help identifying these- age etc if possible . Thank you in advance!
  2. I bought a Cir-Kit kit myself after purchasing the lighthouse. The kit did not come with any wiring.
  3. OH MY. I'm a doof. I took a loooong break from minis and am firing it up again, but have had to refresh on many things. I did the biggest rookie mistake. i spent so much wasted time meticulously installing wall sconces so the wires were under wallpaper and just realized they make ADAPTERS for them. i'd only done ceiling lights and wall plugs. duh me. They look good but such a royal pain to noodle it all through the hardest way possible. ugh
  4. fleabags3

    Aster Cottage

    awesome house, as are all of the ones you have pictured. what material did you use on the roof? thanks
  5. fleabags3

    Gingerbread 2.JPG

    how do you make gingerbread boy cookie clay cutters? i've read on making your own out of heavy foil pans..cut and shaped. didn't look like that was super effective. any tips?
  6. thank you for not only great photos, but detailed steps!!! beautiful work.
  7. the lighthouse finished for my mother for Christmas! also, my first 100% completed house! woohoo!
  8. the lighthouse is beautiful!! i would LOVE to see close up pics of each room!!!! please
  9. fleabags3


    where did you find the wallpaper? the colors are fantastic!
  10. thank you for posting these! i've been scouring the internet to see the various ways this model has been decorated. i lucked out and bought my lighthouse assembled, but it is completely bare wood on the inside.
  11. fleabags3

    Victoria's Farmhouse

    the house i'm learning to electrify, wallpaper, and install flooring on...
  12. well, it's a start for me& i'm having a lot of fun w/ this house! some of the wallpaper is not attached yet....i need to buy wall sconce adapters and be sure i put them in correctly before attaching all paper. no flooring done...just cut tile for one room. i'm putting wainscoting in the bathroom and kitchen.... and having "fun" trying not to warp the wainscot/basswood when painting... (the bathroom and kitchen will be on the right side of the house. the first and second levels in the front) so far i've used Grandma Stover's glue (found at ac moore)and Yes (found at michaels) glue for w
  13. fleabags3

    old old old fixer upper

    working on my old dollhouse-also where i try experiments so i don't mess up a real kit later!
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