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  1. This is super helpful. I have an addition on the way and was looking for info on how to do this.
  2. While reading this thread you happened to answer another question I had in the back of my head... what trim covers the edges on the front of the house for a more polished look. yay!!! channel trim!
  3. ebay, Craigslist, FB marketplace if you have an account, here if potential buyers are located nearby.... ? (what state are you in? ) If there's a local DH store maybe they'd buy/re-sell it(?) anyone know of other places? (ie. secretly looking for more places to shop from... lol )
  4. that cat! That's a wonderful room. I love the dollhouse, skinny package, rug and very cute kitty! amazing!
  5. fleabags3

    Newberg is done!

    It looks really awesome!!! I love the curtains. I haven't gotten to curtains yet. I've bought some but want to create them. Yours are lovely! I also love your colors- what fun!
  6. fleabags3

    Newberg is done!

    Very nicely done down to the smallest detail! I love the colors both in side and out. Wow!
  7. fleabags3

    Dining Room

    Where did you find that crown moulding? I love it!
  8. still need crown moulding, baseboards, and curtains...
  9. fleabags3

    Victoria's Farmhouse

    the house i'm learning to electrify, wallpaper, and install flooring on...
  10. I bought both sheets below from my local miniature store at different times. The faded one is much older but I don't want the same thing to happen with the newer sheet. The house was never kept in direct sunlight... Any ideas? I love the look of the little tiles but will change the flooring material if I can't solve this. The two sheets do have a different feel to them so maybe the new one is better-? There's no brand on the old one. The new one is stamped on the back wit a website (that isn't my local store's but I bought it here...) My local mini store is now only online so I can't take it in to ask... I know with wallpaper I spray it with a matte sealer first. Does the same apply to this stuff? Thank you for any advice in advance!
  11. The Christmas tree looks great
  12. I bought a lg box of minis and wanted some help identifying these- age etc if possible . Thank you in advance!
  13. I bought a Cir-Kit kit myself after purchasing the lighthouse. The kit did not come with any wiring.
  14. OH MY. I'm a doof. I took a loooong break from minis and am firing it up again, but have had to refresh on many things. I did the biggest rookie mistake. i spent so much wasted time meticulously installing wall sconces so the wires were under wallpaper and just realized they make ADAPTERS for them. i'd only done ceiling lights and wall plugs. duh me. They look good but such a royal pain to noodle it all through the hardest way possible. ugh
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