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    Currently working on rehabbing a Duracraft Ponderosa and Duracraft Columbian.

    Next up: 1/2 scale Rosedale.

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  1. Kathrynated

    Christmas Village

    I used the Greenleaf village kit to make Santa's village at the north pole.
  2. Kathrynated

    The White Rose

    The skylight looks so nice - fantastic job.
  3. Kathrynated

    The White Rose

    I love your ladder!
  4. I found a bottle of modge podge "hard coat" at Michael's that I love for a nice glossy smooth finish on these furniture kits. I put on a few coats, sanding in between, as a final step.
  5. Loved "Casual Vacancy" and currently reading "Cuckoo's Calling". I'm not the biggest fan of detective novels, but this one has me hooked! I really like Rowling's descriptive style of writing. She paints a deep picture without it becoming dense.
  6. This is such a smart way to expand Rowling's wizard universe without making it "Harry Potter: The Next Generation". I'm excited!
  7. Hi Mary, welcome to the forum. I saw your pictures of your Duracraft Columbian - it's such a cute house! I'm currently working on one too.
  8. Roxxie you could also bash the towers on the second church and school just enough to make them into very nice houses.
  9. Good luck, that looks so intricate. The flourishes will match your bedspread wonderfully!
  10. Kathrynated


    Science! Seriously though, this is such a great look for your house. The aging makes it the perfect "memory" house!
  11. Kathrynated


    Love this! The patina is great.
  12. Kathrynated


    Thanks! I just made the cutest coat rack with earring hooks.
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