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    Currently working on rehabbing a Duracraft Ponderosa and Duracraft Columbian.

    Next up: 1/2 scale Rosedale.

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  1. Kathrynated

    Christmas Village

    I used the Greenleaf village kit to make Santa's village at the north pole.
  2. Kathrynated

    The White Rose

    The skylight looks so nice - fantastic job.
  3. Kathrynated

    The White Rose

    I love your ladder!
  4. Good luck, that looks so intricate. The flourishes will match your bedspread wonderfully!
  5. Kathrynated


    Science! Seriously though, this is such a great look for your house. The aging makes it the perfect "memory" house!
  6. Kathrynated


    Love this! The patina is great.
  7. Kathrynated


    Thanks! I just made the cutest coat rack with earring hooks.
  8. Kathrynated

    Duracraft Columbian

    Found on craigslist completely built for $20.
  9. That is adorable: I want one for my real house!
  10. I love your work. This house has such character already. Go for the narrower bed, I always find making furniture to fit the room works better than forcing true 1:12 scale furniture where it won't fit.
  11. I'm always amazed when small changes create a completely different house. You've truly changed this kit from a doll house to a beautiful miniature house frozen in time.
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