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  1. Thanks for sharing. Brought a smile to my face. He is an amazing artist and has a wild brain.
  2. I was introduced to these kits at a miniature show 5 years ago. A distributor of the Japanese kits was just starting to sell here in the US. I was hooked. Tea house, chicken and beer place, (shop and then I bought 12 " rooms",(small corners) and am making the months of the year. This is all in 1/24" scale. The base of these houses can be modified and are fun to do. Gail
  3. Again, excellent work. And thank you for sharing.
  4. minigrandma10


    Wow! This is a great idea and love how it has evolved. Now I HAVE TO try this in 1/24" scale.
  5. Excellent, love how your brain works. Can't wait for next post.
  6. I use a combination of things,depending on the effect I want. I have "Vintage Mica Snow" which is a thicker look, Diamond Dust watch out with this it is glass and of course extra fine glitter.( You can roll beads in for great ornaments.) This is such a great idea. Gail
  7. Where can I get one of these kits??? Gail
  8. Everything about her is perfect. Love the red hair.
  9. All steampunked out.....love him.
  10. Here we go, another adventure....thank you!
  11. You have a great eye for details. This hat is fabulous!
  12. I love steampunk and am i love with your project and watching it form is wonderful. Thank you for allowing us to join in this adventure.
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