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  1. RockawayRose


    This is absolutely stunning. I am fan-girling. I'm glad we both live in Florida - once there's a vaccine I'd love to visit and see your dollhouses!
  2. Thanks! I had probably advertised it on EBay and Craigslist when I was selling it. It went to a young girl and her family.
  3. Hofco Americana for $225 in Lake Wales, Florida, on FB Marketplace, among other dollhouses: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/378036526533620 Wish I had the room for this, decorated and sold one a couple of years ago, love that house.
  4. Thanks, that’s a different company so I appreciate having another option. They don’t have what I am looking for those. Robin Carey uses Heritage Laserworks trim in her dollhouses and I have ordered from them in the past. Their Facebook page is ancient with no new posts for years.
  5. Hi everyone, the website for Heritage Laserworks has been down for many months for “maintenance”. Anyone have updated info on that or other suggestions for websites that sell what they do?
  6. I can hardly believe it but the Queen Anne now belongs to me! Saw it on Offer Up a week ago; first time trying to get it it fell through on seller’s end but she was able to work out logistics and I picked it up today. The cats have already claimed it as their own. I won’t get to work on this till I finish the San Francisco dollhouse I am working on but it’s nice to have some creative outlets right now that don’t involve sitting in front of the computer. I posted pics on my blog: www.rockawayrosedollhouse.blogspot.com
  7. I had bought this used already built so I don't think I can answer this. However there's a kit of a different Afton House on Facebook Marketplace so I'm assuming it did come with instructions.
  8. Sorry everyone, I can’t find the contact info for the Superlative designer’s daughter Joanne. If I do I will pm the people who requested it.
  9. Thanks everyone. I haven’t worked on a dollhouse for a couple of years So this will be a fun challenge. I’ve been more focused on playwriting these past few years with some nice success, but I am finding that handiwork is more amenable to me right now during this pandemic. Sorry about the link issue. It’s the newest post on my blog: www.rockawayrosedollhouse.blogspot.com I looked at several different models of it on Pinterest and already have some bashing ideas in mind!
  10. Thanks to Emily PB for posting the link to the San Francisco dollhouse in Daytona Beach. We just made the long trip from Miami Beach and picked it up. It’s huge! It has been on my wish list for a while...I even purchased the plans to build it from vintage Woodworking Plans but seems very doubtful I would ever do it and I prefer to rehab, especially with an apartment full of cats. pics here: https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=5675841322274797796&useLegacyBlogger=true#editor/target=post;postID=9176628889700874239;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=0;src=postna
  11. Thank you! I just sent her a message to see if it’s still available. I think I have plans for that one but I prefer to rehab it. It would be a nice trip from Miami Beach to pick it up!
  12. Hi everyone! I am still around but right now on my way to Hawaii. Back on 12/25 and will try and find the info you requested. Happy holidays all! Arianna
  13. Yes, Holly, I was thinking about that too. It might be best to stay away from hiking paraphanalia all together - the one thing I want to avoid is giving them more pain - and highlight the photography and music as you say. I'm going to create a false back with one of his beautiful pictures as the vista: https://www.instagram.com/zachkrull/
  14. My brother and SIL had brought home a hat like that, that he loved to wear, so I think your thoughts are very valuable about that. I'm hesitant about the patch, only because the NPS were involved in the search effort and so I don't want to highlight his death but rather how he lived and his hopes and dreams... Has anyone else here done a memorial roombox, room or dollhouse? Curious as to what guided your decisions and how the process was for you. Arianna
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