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  1. Getting really excited after reading all the posts :)This is such a great design...Ordered the main "cabin"...still deciding on what extras that may be needed. I have to say, I tossed around many ideas, but the one that keeps coming back is based on a movie called "_____ __________" --a bit of a thriller which will be perfect for Halloween deadline. I guess once it's in "dry fit", I'll know for sure if this is the way to go :)

    Happy Flinging!

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  2. I have been anxiously waiting, stalking the forum,lol

    Have been slowly working on my San Franciscan....but have spent sometime reminiscing, looking at the other 2 Spring Flings I entered...did I mention I hate waiting,lol. So a bit depressed because I was thinking the 7th was tomorrow...but it's Tuesday... another day of waiting :*( ...Oh well, waited this long...what's another day. lol:)

  3. Thanks CJ n Holly:)


    this one came to me awhile back...I live in LaPorte IN--home of Belle Gunness (said to be the first female serial killer)--she lived there in the early 1900's-her first husband "died", then she would correspond with gentlemen, who later moved to marry her...most of these men had money, or insurance policies taken out on them, I believe. ( Check out wikipedia, there's a nice article.) Back in 1908 or so, her house burned down and she disappeared---she was spotted on the West coast--and Los Angeles AND San Francisco.. So...the owner of my San Franciscan will be the mysterious Nicole Veuve Noire (which is French for "black widow")....she arrives in town one day ( I was thinking the time period would be maybe 1920s) and purchases the San Franciscan....I would think it would be somewhat rare for a single woman with no family connections/ a stranger, to make such a large purchase on her own. The older neighbors will be curious and later suspicous of Nicole... the younger housewives on the block, will befriend her because they long to be invited to her fancy teas and garden parties...but they come to love her free spirited nature, and find that a day spent with Nicole is a welcome escape from their daily lives. Of course, she has no shortage of eligible bachelors attempting to win her affections....some of them suddenly "leaving town", but not before leaving Nicole with some rather expensive gifts...

    Like I said,its "dark" ;)

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  4. Hi all,

    been gone a loooonnnggg while :( Lots of rl stuff got in the way of my minis--So last month, I finally decided it was time to start a new project and maybe that would help me get back into mini's ( I was half way through my Willowcrest, when I put it aside) So hopefully, I'm back to stay !

    I'm making an album of my Dura Craft San Franciscan...its coming along nicely. Holly, u may remember I like to add a little story about the "owners" of my houses ( this ones a bit "dark" too, like Lilly's Sweet Shop( a twist on Hansel n Gretel)

  5. Thank for the encouragement...I made it with a couple hours to go(I work evenings tonite :( Wasn't having the best luck with my pictures...but what can you do....I enjoyed the project and the research I did for it :) Taking the privacy setting off my album now...lol

    Jo, you're killing me....no way is yours dull! :)

    Can't wait to watch as the rest of the entries make it to the gallery...hopefully sometime in my 16 hrs tonite, I'll have time to peek,hehe

  6. Beautiful work Brae, Jo, Julie, Kerry, Llyn n Lyssa!! (hope I did't miss anyone!!) I'm in the home stretch now...a lil more to finish "decorating wise" and 2 more pics to get "right"...hope to be done before the morning,lol!

    Took a lil break to check out the eye candy and to get a lil inspiration to carry me to the end,lol.

    I've really enjoyed this build...did lots of research on the time period, and learned something in the process ;)

  7. Wow, sounds like everyone is moving along quickly!

    I've been working slowly, but if I planned it out right will finish on time...I hope ;)

    When I first saw the base, I had an idea right away...but was a little puzzled how I ws going to make it work. I went through at least 10 more ideas...but none of them felt quite right. I dry fitted my 2 additions, slept on in, and the next day, viola' figured out how to make my original idea work :) Hurray...finally really listened for those whispers from the Fling! It will be S___V___T___H_____L____

    Hadn't wanted to spend much $$ on the SF cause I'm planning my friends wedding shower...but a little overtime, and I should be able to justify my purchases...if we had more time, I would have attempted to make a few of the pieces, but alas...time is ticking...

    Waiting for paint to dry now....Would love to actually put the additions together tonite!

  8. Dean & company-Its beatiful!! THis is my first lasercut kit...what a dream!!! Just wonderful beyond words!

    Mine arrive Friday...I've had many ideas since it was unveiled...but none seem "just right". It sat in my room, in the wrapping over the weekend---maybe I should have taken off the plastic and I would have heard it whispering to me...nothing yet. I took it down to my workroom a little bit ago--punched out and labeled all the pieces....dry fit the main parts....still nothing :)

    Maybe I'm istening too hard...maybe something will pop up in my dreams tonite :wub: Good thing the deadline isn't until July 4th!

  9. Congratulations to all too :) Can't wait to see the pictures!!

    Amanda, I did a double take on that too....

    Congrats to Roy!! (but third place??? no way...I thought I'd see the Rusty Rose in the Grand Prize slot!!

    Just goes to show.....the judges will always keep us guessing :lol: I do give them credit though, it's got to be a massively difficult job!

  10. I was just thinking...if you can't find the beads you want, and if you want more of the "elongated" end piece on the stair rod...like in the above picture, you could form something from airdry clay, or even fimo and add to the ends of toothpics, then spraypaint gold...just a thought....

  11. I have to say that since I got my own little (it's only like 8 x 10) craft room, the rest of the house has much less of my minis strewn around. My DH walked in one day and said, boy you have a ton of stuff in this tiny room..hehe I said, I sure do :lol:

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