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  1. Thanks CJ n Holly:)


    this one came to me awhile back...I live in LaPorte IN--home of Belle Gunness (said to be the first female serial killer)--she lived there in the early 1900's-her first husband "died", then she would correspond with gentlemen, who later moved to marry her...most of these men had money, or insurance policies taken out on them, I believe. ( Check out wikipedia, there's a nice article.) Back in 1908 or so, her house burned down and she disappeared---she was spotted on the West coast--and Los Angeles AND San Francisco.. So...the owner of my San Franciscan will be the mysterious Nicole Veuve Noire (which is French for "black widow")....she arrives in town one day ( I was thinking the time period would be maybe 1920s) and purchases the San Franciscan....I would think it would be somewhat rare for a single woman with no family connections/ a stranger, to make such a large purchase on her own. The older neighbors will be curious and later suspicous of Nicole... the younger housewives on the block, will befriend her because they long to be invited to her fancy teas and garden parties...but they come to love her free spirited nature, and find that a day spent with Nicole is a welcome escape from their daily lives. Of course, she has no shortage of eligible bachelors attempting to win her affections....some of them suddenly "leaving town", but not before leaving Nicole with some rather expensive gifts...

    Like I said,its "dark" ;)

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  2. Hi all,

    been gone a loooonnnggg while :( Lots of rl stuff got in the way of my minis--So last month, I finally decided it was time to start a new project and maybe that would help me get back into mini's ( I was half way through my Willowcrest, when I put it aside) So hopefully, I'm back to stay !

    I'm making an album of my Dura Craft San Franciscan...its coming along nicely. Holly, u may remember I like to add a little story about the "owners" of my houses ( this ones a bit "dark" too, like Lilly's Sweet Shop( a twist on Hansel n Gretel)

  3. back to work today for me...the last 3 days went sooo fast! I was able to complete a part to my Creatin' Contest house (for Dec.)--lucky I have all that time or I'd never make it! I really wanted to do the Spring Fling, but some parts of this project are kind of ambitious, so I actually used a little common sense this year :lol:

    Have a great weekend everyone !

  4. Gosh, I feel like I have missed so much in just a few days!! Why couldn't I have won the lottery while I was on leave,lol.

    Wolfie, so glad you're feeling better!!

    Heidi, sorry your ear is causing trouble again! Maybe they'll try a new antibiotic?

    I have given up on my house for now...when the knee feels completely recovered, then I'll work on it! Too much running now...physical therapy, summer band, work, dr's appts...

    I am kind of sad that I haven't had the time to work on my BH--I was making sooo much progress, now I feel like I'm back to a crawl!

    Don't have much family that like to show off,thank goodness---the ones that do have charged all their "toys" , so it doesn't make me feel to bad,lol. My best friend from high school is the one that drives me nuts! When we email (she live in N. Carolina) she always makes everything sound soooo wonderful--the successful husband, wonderful kids, huge house, new cars...I wish she would just be "K_____", the girl who's hair I held back so she wouldn't get vomit all over it cause we drank too much, the girl who I called when I broke up with my boyfriend, the sister I never had--not this "perfect"stranger with the perfect English and perfect life. We used to have this "dream life" all planned out in high school---and she's living hers...and it just makes me wonder "what if"....but, no sense in dwelling on this...usually people who spend so much time telling you how wonderful everything is, are just trying to convince themselves of it too :)

    On a happy note, if I ever get to bed tonite, I'll have some energy and motivation to get out of the house early and do a little scouring of the "junk shops"(j/k) while the girls are at "day camp" and see what mini finds I can find!!

  5. Wolfie, you scare me when you talk like that...I'll be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way!

    Gosh, sounds like everyone has been really really productive today! I did a little mini-ing, but then had to go to friends house for dinner. Had a great time!

  6. Heidi, hope you get some relief soon ;) I had bilat. ear infections when I came back from Washington--woke up in the am and couldn't hear out of right ear. Went to my own Dr. who knows I"m not dramatic, and told me I probably had a virus-he wasn't going to give me antibiotics. I told him it really hurt, I can't hear, just please look at them. He looked in my left, which didn't hurt, and only mildly muffled hearing, and said "Ohhhh, this one is really red, and your ear drum is bulging."...duh I wanted to say, but I said, "Yeah, and that one doesn't even hurt." He looked at the one that was the worst and said, "oh, this one is worse, Ill give you a Z-pac" He also gave me Clarinex--which is the best I've ever taken!! (antihistimine and decongestant once daily) He gave me a five day trail coupon. I felt better later that night with those 2 things. Hope by bedtime you'll be lots better!!

    Sounds like everyone is getting ready for a nice day !!

    My DH and kids went to the big parade in town. My daughter heard at band camp (so not sure if it's true), that LaPorte is the capital of IN for July 4th because they have the biggest parade in the state. Last year ( I think) Sean Astin was the grand marshall) He's from the Lord and the Ring-I think, right? I stayed home, #1 because I didn't get cleared to go back to work today-and I don't want people to think that I purposely didn't get to Employee health before yesterday because I wanted to take the holiday off. So, I"m staying home today :)!!! Also, I"m enjoying some peace and quiet...it's been a few weeks since I"ve been the only one home and house is so wonderfully quiet!!!! Also, I'm on a roll with the BH, and want to make some big progress :)

    Gina, hope you're ok and not suffering too much ...luckily Monday will be here soon! ( I know surgery wont be fun, but I'm sure you'll feel sooo much better:)

  7. Yes Deana, a kiss for they dog and newspaper for the kids,lol I discovered that's 84% of a full moon!! Maybe that's doing it! lol My dog doesn't really have an excuse to "go in the house", and she goes in spurts,lol,pardon the pun! She will be good for a long time, then have days of accidents. Some of it is that she's just stubborn, some of it's that my son doesn't take enough time with her outside, and some of it's that they overfeed her because they just can't believe she only needs to eat 2x day,lol---or they let her get into the garbage-it's not her fault. Gigi woke me up 2 x during the night to take her out--no accidents in the house this am!

    Beverly, hope your dog is doing better! Lost my dog right before we got GiGi--tumor on the liver---I took it really hard!

    Heidi, hope you get to the Dr. and you'll be feeling better soon!

    Today is much quieter in the house today...thank goodness!! I think last night was so hard because i was really looking forward to my daughter coming home...and then I was hoping she could go back to camp,lol

    That commune life actually sounds nice , for maybe a weekend, :groucho:

    Deana, I am soooo jealous :( Have a great weekend--maybe just do a little of each thing you want to do, and get a good rest in-between! I never mind when DH has to go to school out of town! Not to make him look like a total jerk, because he's usually pretty decent...but there's so much less stress when he's around. The kids act better...theres no rush to get dinner going-we eat when we feel like it...it's just so much more relaxed!!

    As for today, I was supposed to go back to work....but...I didn't even realize that our Employee Health nurse was taking today as a vacation day...so no "back to work certification" no work...honest, I didn't do it to get the holiday off, but I can't go back til I see her MOnday :( I'll loose my holiday time now...but the kids are happy,lol.

    I hope everyone has a safe happy holiday weekend :lol:

  8. Heidi, sorry to hear your ears were giving you pain...hope you feel better soon!

    Wolfie, hope you surgery goes well and you get some relief! Those gallbladders are something else!

    As for "My Sisters Keeper", I refuse to go see it...my friend asked me too, and I just can't do it. I get teary just watching the commercials...I would be sobbing and blubbering from the opening scenes and all the way home,lol. I watched Marley and Me, and had a sore throat after because I was trying not to sob too loud,lol. My daughter laughed at me! My friend did buy the book, so I will definately read that...when no ones home and with a box of tissue :groucho:

    As for my day, it was busy ....and it went from ok in the am to horrible! Picked up my daughter from camp--we didnt even make it the car and the girls were arguing....it was a huge competition--who had more fun, who got to do this or that, who got to go out for icecream....it stopped, then continued in the car til I yelled real loud... after the 1/2 hr ride home, the minute we got out of the car,more agruing-tears because one put her arm out and hit the other....in the house...more complaining....up the stairs, more arguing, more tears....of course, this brings my husband to the kitchen, who must have been napping, because now he is in a mood, and starts yelling....I'm sure the neighbors got an earful...how embarrassing! I sent everyone to their rooms and made them stay 10 ft. apart and not talk to each other... of course then the DH and me arent happy with each other--can't find the remote...it was there 2 hrs ago when I left the house...of course, then I'm ticked off, and DH said, "as long as we're complaining, "your" dog had an accident down stairs (on the tile at least) He said if she does it one more time, she's gone"---hmmmm...guess he doesn't want to make it to 21 yrs,lol. He says "so what's so good about that dog,that you can put up with her "episodes"---I said, "She can't talk"...that shut him up. Thanks for letting me vent! Men!!!! (btw, I am irritated with my dog, she has these episodes where she's really stubborn--doesn't like the damp/wet grass and wont' go, or she won't have a stool for my DH or son--it has to be the girls, she must be shy...but what can I do...guess I should get rid of him when he gets old and starts peeing his pants,lol

  9. Somewhere in the forums, I heard great things about "How to Make Your Doll's House Special" by Beryl Armstrong. Very nice illustrations and pretty nice instructions for making all kinds of project, namely chimneys/stoves, roofing, wallpaper, flooring, exterior finishes...there is even a really interesting bash of the Tennyson, and some really great ideas for exterior work--and a real "thatched roof" . Although I haven't tried to make any of the projects yet , I don't really have anything negative to say :violin:

  10. Somewhere in the forums, I heard great things about "How to Make Your Doll's House Special" by Beryl Armstrong. Very nice illustrations and pretty nice instructions for making all kinds of project, namely chimneys/stoves, roofing, wallpaper, flooring, exterior finishes...there is even a really interesting bash of the Tennyson, and some really great ideas for exterior work--and a real "thatched roof" . Although I haven't tried to make any of the projects yet , I don't really have anything negative to say :violin:

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  11. When I was young and lived "in the city", I could never understand what the big deal about bird watching was....but now that we live more rural, and I see more than just sparows, robins, grackles and the occasional blue jay...I really like noticing "new" birds around here!

    Since I have to work later today, I'm going to organize my craft area! Bought another of those drawers on wheels since I seem to be expanding!

    happy memorial day !!

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