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  1. Getting really excited after reading all the posts :)This is such a great design...Ordered the main "cabin"...still deciding on what extras that may be needed. I have to say, I tossed around many ideas, but the one that keeps coming back is based on a movie called "_____ __________" --a bit of a thriller which will be perfect for Halloween deadline. I guess once it's in "dry fit", I'll know for sure if this is the way to go Happy Flinging!
  2. Dean and crew, you've outdone yourself:) I would say it was worth the wait! hehe Now I'm up brainstorming instead of sleeping....maybe if I go to sleep something will come to me in a dream,lol
  3. I have been anxiously waiting, stalking the forum,lol Have been slowly working on my San Franciscan....but have spent sometime reminiscing, looking at the other 2 Spring Flings I entered...did I mention I hate waiting,lol. So a bit depressed because I was thinking the 7th was tomorrow...but it's Tuesday... another day of waiting :*( ...Oh well, waited this long...what's another day. lol:)
  4. Thanks CJ n Holly:) Holly, this one came to me awhile back...I live in LaPorte IN--home of Belle Gunness (said to be the first female serial killer)--she lived there in the early 1900's-her first husband "died", then she would correspond with gentlemen, who later moved to marry her...most of these men had money, or insurance policies taken out on them, I believe. ( Check out wikipedia, there's a nice article.) Back in 1908 or so, her house burned down and she disappeared---she was spotted on the West coast--and Los Angeles AND San Francisco.. So...the owner of my San Franc
  5. Thanks, I saw another San Fran. done with stained and really like it...
  6. My San Franciscan is the home of a lovely young lady, Nicole...her wealthy husbands have a habit of "leaving town" ... and leaving Nicole their fortunes. I got the idea from the story of Belle Gunness--who lived in my town in the early 1900's--she is said to be the first female serial killer--corresponding with men through the mail, marrying them...soon they disappeared and Belle ended up with their $$. The last name I chose "Vueve Noire" means "black widow" in French...for that's exactly what Nicole is...hehe
  7. Hi all, been gone a loooonnnggg while Lots of rl stuff got in the way of my minis--So last month, I finally decided it was time to start a new project and maybe that would help me get back into mini's ( I was half way through my Willowcrest, when I put it aside) So hopefully, I'm back to stay ! I'm making an album of my Dura Craft San Franciscan...its coming along nicely. Holly, u may remember I like to add a little story about the "owners" of my houses ( this ones a bit "dark" too, like Lilly's Sweet Shop( a twist on Hansel n Gretel)
  8. Thank you, I was happy with how it turned out The wallpaper is from HBS...
  9. Congratulations everyone Off to the gallery soon to check out the eyecandy!! Can't wait!
  10. I will bring cake...I've been distracting myself by preparing for my bff's bridal shower tomorrow...making the cake today...it's a moroccan theme...so I'm making a pillow cake (with pillow pans...3 stacked).... I agree...everyones projects were awesome!
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