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  1. My San Franciscan is the home of a lovely young lady, Nicole...her wealthy husbands have a habit of "leaving town" ... and leaving Nicole their fortunes. I got the idea from the story of Belle Gunness--who lived in my town in the early 1900's--she is said to be the first female serial killer--corresponding with men through the mail, marrying them...soon they disappeared and Belle ended up with their $$. The last name I chose "Vueve Noire" means "black widow" in French...for that's exactly what Nicole is...hehe
  2. When I first saw the Fling, I thought of a Tudor style building, but couldn't think of something unique--but once I dryfitted the additions with the main build, a lightbulb went off and I decided to make this hunting lodge a tribute to my husband Vince who works so hard for our family and rarely complains that he can't eat at the dining room table during SF season or that the house is a mess...what a guy;)
  3. all my trials and tribulations in living color
  4. chattycathy66

    HBS 2010 Contest

    Madame LaRu's Le Petit Charcuterie! Bonjour! Welcome to my take on a Country French Charcuterie. My original idea was an old fashioned butcher shop, but while researching, I discovered the French art of charcuterie. Charuterie was developed as a way to "keep" meat/pork before refrigeration. Make sure you get a sample of Jacques fresh terrine or galantine!
  5. When it's finished, the Willowcrest will be an exclusive girls boarding school--no name yet--It will be a while in the making because I still have to finish my HBS project and the BH! I really started this house because the box was so large and cumbersome, and I needed the space.lol
  6. chattycathy66

    Natalie's Laurel

    DD Natalie is working on her first house--We picked the Laurel because I thought it would be large enough to put in all the furniture she wanted, yet not too complicated that I would be the one doing all the building. I'd say it's kind of like an eclectic farmhouse,lol Sure hope she wants to build a Primrose that we can attach to it :)
  7. While her sister is working on the Laurel, Cammie wanted a project of her own. Although she started with the painting, she decided it's much more fun to "play" with the furniture and accessories :) The story behind the house is that little Kelly spends the summers at her grandparents farm. They have transformed their old travel trailer into a girls club house. Can you tell her grandparents were from the 60's??
  8. I was really excited by this contest--I 'brainstormed' this idea from my 11 yr old daughter's creation of a little "glass" box --she used some of the left over plastic sheet that I used for Lily's Sweetshop display case. It made me think "glass coffin"...then Snow White--and this nightime scene under a canopy of trees was born... I call this " Someday My Prince Will Come"
  9. Wow!! It's beautiful!! I love the green color!! Isn't it a great feeling to have things go right, isn't it!! Your lights look great!!
  10. chattycathy66


    From the album: ChattyCathy's Beacon Hill

    I took some really crooked pictures today...it's not the window,lol. I used those stained glass windows from the little book with stained glass designs, just for something different on this side since there's not much detail here. It needs a bunch of trim work...but you get the idea
  11. chattycathy66

    1/144 scale Houses

    With so little time lately, I've decided to keep up with minis by working on a couple projects that can be finished with just a few minutes here and there....
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