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  1. I don't really need one, but accidentally made one while laying out my masking tape and thought maybe a doubled-back connection would mean fewer failure points (though maybe it means more?) The accidental box I made was large, spanning from one end of the house to a second floor. If I need to make a T with the tape, doesn't it then become difficult to fold? Because I can only fold in one direction, and I probably don't want to be punching eyelets through all those layers of tape?
  2. Is a box configuration of the tape wire okay (assuming I install the eyelets correctly)? I thought I read someone's post that it isn't okay, but I can't find anything in Cir-Kit's documentation or on the web that specifically addresses it.
  3. Turns out hubby has such a tool, so I am in business!
  4. These both are great ideas - both pre-taping with painters tape, and the multi tool saw. I'm going to employ both. I've got rooms that are going to have four light sources: a chandelier, sconces, and a lit fireplace, so it quickly gets complicated, and I've been trying to figure out what the best path is to tape everything. The painters tape means I can screw up a bunch and not suffer for it. And then the saw makes it easy to jump floors - I wasn't thrilled about bringing tape out over the edges of the floors. It also means I can place my junction near the back of the house, instead of in the
  5. I successfully made light today! (on my test MDF), so feel more confident moving forward. Now I just have to figure out how to lay all the tape out. I want as many fold-turns as possible (as opposed to cut-turns). I didn't think that planning out the tape would be so difficult!
  6. Yes, troubleshooting was my other motivation - if I have a bad connection somewhere, at least not all the lights would be affected, and I could always maybe tap into that second circuit. Not sure if I'm thinking clearly on this though.
  7. I am about to embark on my first wiring project (tape wiring the Grosvenor Hall), and am looking at putting a lot of lights in. I have two questions - have you ever wired a house where you later felt like you had too many lights in it? I may have 2-4 per room (15 rooms). Does that just make things too bright? Second question - I'm wondering if it makes sense to have two transformers. I'm thinking maybe that takes some of the pressure off the number of lights that I want, and maybe that might make it easier for wiring? I actually am not sure how it would make wiring easier, but I hea
  8. caitejay

    Grandfather's dollhouse

    Built in 1965, in the Colonial Williamsburg style
  9. caitejay

    Building the Beacon Hill

    Construction of my first dollhouse - started Jan. 2007
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