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  1. I use a combination of hot glue and Aleene's tacky glue (hot glue in a few spots to hold it instantly and a bead of tacky glue so that it has a better hold over time), then hold them in place with blue tape and mini spring clamps, depending on which part of the roof I'm on.
  2. To me, a lot of these houses look like houses for little kids to play with, and while there are some good ideas my taste leans more toward the detailed "hands off, for looking at only" houses. This reminds me of the I'm a Giant challenge from almost a decade ago, where a bunch of design bloggers built and/or designed their own dollhouses. Some of them were absolutely stunning, but quite a few of them were just plain houses with lots of purchased modern furniture in them. I remember there being a bit of a scandal because the blogger who started it never finished her house, or if she di
  3. That sucks, and fear of this is what keeps me from seriously looking at kits on eBay (that, and not having any space). For the Hobby Lobby coupons, you can print them out from their website. Go here and click the picture of the coupon or the "printable coupon" link. You could even go in every day with a new one if you so desired, you just have to print new ones each week because the code on them changes.
  4. I came across a link to quite a few scanned Workbench magazines from the '50s and '60s, and in one of them I found plans for a fold-flat dollhouse. From the measurements I'm sure it's intended as a 1/12 scale. You can see them here. I always choose to read it as a PDF from the menu on the left. If you're interested in the rest of the magazines, here's a link to all of them. I'm pretty sure there are other dollhouse plans, and definitely other toy and furniture plans.
  5. Thanks! I'll have to use the Dremel to cut channels anyway, so cutting them bigger is no big deal. And that's good to know about the wire size; it makes sense.
  6. When I was going through my tools this weekend, I came across a piece of lamp cord that I think was from a rewiring kit that I never used. Pretty much this cord. http://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-Bottle-White-Lamp-Kit-Cord-50961/203735835#.UhE36m0Y0vQ This is 18 gauge 2 conductor cord. Dollhouse wiring cord is 32 gauge 2 conductor, which means that this cord is thicker than dollhouse cord. I'm not actually sure if I'll use this yet, as dollhouse wiring cord is not that expensive and I don't know if the amount I have here is enough to do the whole house. I would also cut off the plug and attach a t
  7. Brae, I like that house! I've been thinking maybe I need a shed dormer in the front, and a farmhouse would definitely have a porch. Hmm...
  8. Thanks everybody! Yeah, the shingles are definitely coming off--some are missing, and they're missing in odd shapes. Better to start fresh.
  9. I got this on Craigslist for $50. I thought it was a kit, but it's handmade. It's pretty big--I can't remember the exact measurements, but it's something like 25 inches tall and 32 inches long. Sorry for the crappy side picture--it's a little too heavy to pick up and turn around alone, plus it was in the corner. It came with three books and a kit. The kit looks like it's been started, but only as far as a few pieces being punched out. It looks like everything's still there. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do with it; it hasn't spoken to me yet
  10. I saw the space for these a while ago at my Wal-Mart, but unfortunately they were all gone. They probably haven't gotten any more since it's clearance, but I'll check again. I saw them in the small pet aisle, with the hamster/gerbil/rat stuff.
  11. Jeremy, I hope your wife is feeling better. Heidi, that has to be tough. At least you made a difference in his life, and I bet you helped him get to this point. As for me, I'm going to go down and clean up my craft room a bit. It's also our storage area, and we had to take out the shelves that held everything after a toilet flooded through the vents. Thankfully it wasn't on any of my fabric or supplies. So all our tools and stuff are just everywhere down there. I'm going to try and move some of my stuff off of my shelves and repurpose them for tool storage. Of course, the shelves I
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