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    I am very interested in beginning my new hobby of building and decorating dollhouses.

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  1. Hi again—-Havanaholly, could you please tell me what’s involved in making templates for rewallpapering an already-built house? I really have no idea on how to proceed; This is so new to me!
  2. Hi, I am about to put new wallpaper in my already built dollhouse— do I have to remove windows/window trim first? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks for your advice! I was thinking of just papering over the old wallpaper— is that ok to do?
  4. Hi, Does anyone have any advice on how to apply wallpaper to an existing house? I just purchased a completely built/finished dollhouse, but I don’t like the wallpaper it has in most of the rooms. I also don’t like the flooring in some of the rooms. Any advice on how to proceed? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  5. I just purchased a second-hand dollhouse on EBay and I want to renovate it. How do I remove glued-in kitchen cabinets?
  6. Hi, How long does it take to put together a Brookwood dollhouse? I’ve never built one before. Thanks, Kathryn Rolke
  7. Your Brookwood is beautiful! I am going to order one soon; what kind of paint did you use to make the stucco?
  8. Wildfordollys


    Gorgeous! I want to make this house next (after I finish my practice house--a Newberg rehab)! I love the stucco on the outside of the house! How did you make the stucco? What did you use for wallpaper inside?
  9. Hi Everyone, I am attempting to download my rehab project photos again, apparently I had to shrink them to fit. I haven't got much done, but hopefully in the New Year I will. Here are some photos of my Newberg-rehab-in-progress! Comments and suggestions appreciated!! Thanks!
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