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  1. I know the show is over, but can you tell me how big it is and are there alot of displays?
  2. Those lights definitly wern't easy! but they are rice lights, kinda like christmas lights. they were only $9.99 it beats those wiring kits!
  3. the sparkles on the steps is glitter paper I got out of the scrapbook section of the fabric store.
  4. hey guys, my boyfriend likes the fact that i'm building a dollhouse. And he thought it would be cool if he could build something too. But instead of a dollhouse he wants a boat with a opened back, like a dollhouse. And I've told him about the new boathouse kit. And he doesn't like the shape and how it looks like a big rectangle, and besides 1:12 is to big. He wants something smaller that looks more like a boat, with a open back with rooms, so that he can furnish it himself! Maybe a Yacht, or a really small cruise boat, just some kind of dollhouse boat. Does anybody know if there is a dollhouse boat? Or where I could get one at?
  5. Does anybody know if there are any other boathouse kits? besides the new Ernie's boathouse kit? Something that maybe looks more like a regular boat?
  6. I really need to finished my fairfield and get on with my life! its been going on for a year, and its time to move on! I finally did the attic lights, and all I need to do is the roof. I decided after my last post, to do asphalt shingles. but what about the inside of the roof? you know, the ceiling of the attic? any ideas? any special ceiling finish? or textured paint? tin? I just need an idea so I can get on with my life!
  7. I know alot of dollhouse builders have used textured paint, but when you get a bag of a billon 1/2 scale, 1 piece shingles, whats a girl to do? I don't have the patience to paint 2 coats of paint on every single one, and sand paper traps dust and particles. Then, when you try to wipe it off, it traps even more dust and skin particals, especially if your using dark or black sandpaper. has anyone tried real asphalt shingles?
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