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  1. GOSH! thanks for the great Birthday wishes everyone! it's very sweet of you guys to remember me! am 44yrs young! :welcome:
  2. beachpeach

    Garf Fall 2007

    that scarecrow is absolutely adorable!
  3. BEAUTIFUL! i love the truck laden with harvest goodies!
  4. the new skin is very pretty! i really love it aside from the fact that orange IS my favorite color!
  5. i signed up too! i didnt join until dec. last year but i've heard rumors about the oct. madness. can't wait for the fun to begin!
  6. WOW you made out like a bandit!!!! :whistle:
  7. BEAUTIFUL JOB!!! you're so talented!
  8. wow Mich! thats terrible and it sounds like a real ordeal, but know that we are still thinkin about you and your family and sendin up prayers for your safety!
  9. Mich, still sending prayers and good wishes for you and your family that all this will be over soon, and you will be high and dry!
  10. beachpeach

    BH Stone Chimney

    just one word.... SWEET!!!
  11. hey, i got my package today too! i saw Oscar the Grouch (my mailman) trotting in with it under his arm this morning and i had to smile! thanks so much for all the wonderful surprises! everyone did such a great job and i can't figure out what to play with first. its overwhelming! now, i too have to bust a move on the house building so i can stage everything! thanks again! i love them all!!!
  12. what a great idea! now i gotta add home depot to the list. lol
  13. peachie, i started the extra special prayers for you and the baby last nite! take care there and keep us posted! we love you!
  14. beachpeach


    totally cool! i love the groove bit! hahaha!
  15. your story is heartwarming! got me all teary here too. itsn't it amazing what the power of mini's can do? since he's shown such an interest perhaps there's a father/daughter project in your future? wouldn't that be fantastic to have something that you both worked on together! congratulations on your new connection and keep us posted!
  16. i would like to delete an individual photo from the gallery also and i get the same thing. i can delete comments but the photo remains. it doesnt wipe out the entire thing and i get the error message too. Dean, you shouldn't have to do delete our photos for us. we should have access to do this ourselves.
  17. beachpeach

    a new house

    From the album: I'm a new Mom!

    my boyz were gifted a new home so today we moved from the studio apt to the condo! Thanks Aunt Deana for the great new place! we are very happy!
  18. beachpeach

    I'm a new Mom!

  19. beachpeach


    From the album: I'm a new Mom!

  20. beachpeach


    From the album: I'm a new Mom!

  21. beachpeach


    From the album: I'm a new Mom!

  22. i was grossing out because i read an article not long ago about a 9yr old boy that found 2 spiders in his ear! he kept complaining about hearing a popping sound.... they flushed his ear and sure enough there were 2 spiders...1 dead and the other alive and kicking! disgusting! no ipod here but i recently got 3 DVD's...does that count?
  23. well, it looks like Chicago is still coming in with the highest prices. i filled up tuesday and the cheapest i've found was $3.69 a gallon for regular and that's in the burbs. they haven't gone up but they haven't dropped either.
  24. beachpeach


    i love it too... you're so good with wood! :yes:
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