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  1. Did you ever find the bedroom furniture instructions? I have them if you still need them.
  2. Jenny, I am the above mentioined Jeri,aka no1quilter. I have the six roof pieces you need for your tower and the finial. I also have the gingerbread trim for the smaller roof and the front stairs and railings as well. If you need shingles for the tower I also have those. If you are intrested in these items PM me.
  3. I have used these corners on the toung and grove siding. I love it, yes they are a little loose, but that leaves room for lots of glue. I only glue one piece at a time, making sure that it is true, straight and square. By the way I use masking tape for clamps if needed. After the glue dries I add another piece. I too had second thought about the strengh but it is surprizingly strong. I like this construction so well that I buy kits just for materials and design houses as I see fix. I have more tips for ironing out interior problems if you care to hear them, PM me.
  4. Jackie, I have those pieces and would glady send you what you need. Will get them in the mail Tuesday. Jeri
  5. I need pieces of DuraCraft Window Moulding 1-156 that are at least 6 1/2" long. I'm seriously bashing two incomplete Dura Craft San Franciscans SF555 kits and the left overs from a DuraCraft Victorian Manison VM800 bash into one, if I have to say so myself, fabulos Victorian Home. Any way I'm short on part 1-156 Window Molding. Mark at Manchester Wood Work dosen't have it and I can't get him to reply to my inquiries as to weather or not he makes this moulding. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, Jeri .
  6. Some day I will learn how to get my puctures from the camera and into the computer. My kid are no help. Jeri
  7. Does anyone have any DuraCraft 5-156, Moving Window Moulding they can part with? I can use pieces as small as 6 1/2".
  8. I started VM800 and also thought that it was flimsy, I decided to bash this kit and make something altogether different. When I got all the pieces together I was pleasantly surprise by how strong the construction turned out. I know we have talked about this house before contact me if you want to talk some more. I think you will come to love the construction. For anyone that has built DC tongue and grove and doesn't like the "inside corners", I face the interior walls with 1/8" plywood, this makes the interior wall flush with the corner trim. I use scrape 1/8 plywood from past projec
  9. no1quilter

    SF window inserts

    Never thought of makers, always used Gallery Glass, looks great I like the bright color.
  10. A set of Black Lead SF555 or SF557 consist of; 1, first floor door, large oval 1, second floor door, rectangle, 1, third floor, SF555 oval or SF557 round 6, first floor rectangle top 6, second floor arched top 3, third floor round top The black lead window flim is thinner than the white and will need to be backed with acetate. This also protectes the window flim and the gallery glass if you choose to make stained glass. I have used gallery glass on this window flim and the results are nothing less than spectacular. I can also supply patterns for the window frames an
  11. I know where you can get the dura-craft 557 stamped sheets of plywood you need for your dollhouse. Jeri dollhouselover1@gmail.com
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