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  1. I would like to thank all the people on this forum who have been keeping me in their thoughts and prayers. I went down to the Social Security Administration today and filled out forms for disability and what not. Welfare has me working M-F at the local Humane Society. A local care group picks me up and brings me back home. I love taking care of the cats that are up for adoption. As for everything else, I just got the medical cards today, still waiting on everything else to show up/kick in. I will have to find someone to drive me to a store so I can buy a cheap phone. Or I may skip t
  2. I packed boxes today. Moved all my dollhouses to mom and dad's for safekeeping. DH and I are no more. He informed me by text message on Monday. Off to see what all I can think of to ask the lawyer come tomorrow morning.
  3. I have broken this poor house so many times. Go to glue parts on and it breaks. Glue house, cry, glue parts. I had a lot of fun putting it together. I didn't see the wallpaper, will have to look and see if I can use it for my next house!
  4. RobinS

    Finished Gazebo.

    Thank you! I can't wait to add the finishing touches, trees, grass, all that.
  5. American Gothic Mansion and Gazebo
  6. RobinS


    That's what happens when I use my cell phone from a distance. :lol: I'll try to take more in the morning.
  7. Thank you Muriel and Holly. Hugs are greatly welcomed! Working on our houses does help. I have painted half of the gazebo and mansion, hope to start gluing sometime today. Have to pack clothes for the kids so they can visit with their dad this weekend and get school clothes/supplies. Still don't know what to make for supper.
  8. Counting down the days until school starts. 6 more to go...YAY!! Will start slicing eggplant for frying in a little bit. Along with heating up the grilled pork chops and fried potatoes from last night. Worked on dry fitting the 1/144th American Gothic Mansion and Gazebo this afternoon. Hopefully will get around to painting them after supper. Since losing both grandmothers and an aunt this summer, I haven't felt like doing much. It's like building my first house all over again.
  9. *giggles* it's a squatter! He's too cute Heidi. Thanks for the eye candy!
  10. "Alone Again (Naturally)" by Gilbert O'Sullivan That about sums it up perfectly!
  11. My babies got on the bus this morning! I was so happy and couldn't wait to work on some minis.
  12. RobinS


    Thank you! I love this clock and if I could get another kit I would be very happy! I probably have close to 100 or more kits so far. I just need to catch up on making houses! :lol:
  13. RobinS


    Album for my Hillsdale
  14. RobinS

    The Newburg

    newest addition to my collection
  15. RobinS

    Furniture I have made

    HOM and Shenandoah kits.
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