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  1. If you happen to have a Costco membership, I just purchased a 200 piece rotary rool kit from them for sanding, drilling, buffing, cutting, grinding, etc. and it's been sooooo helpful. The littlest sander attachments can fit into the tiniest places. It was only $19.99.
  2. Sandra, sounds lovely to me! I get very excited about color. It can totally change the look of the entire house. I know it gets redundant, since everyone says it, but I hope you post pictures.
  3. Hello! As people have probably noticed I hit up all the people I find who are working on or have built the Harrison. I'm new, as well, and am working on the same kit. Christmas gift from husband. I'm excited and slightly apprehensive about the project, so perhaps we can stumble through together. For me, the building process is going sloooowly, but that's because I have a two-year-old and can only work late at night after he's in bed. I've been painting and wall-papering as I go along, and so far I haven't had any regrets because of it, but we'll see how it goes.
  4. I have a small house with no garage, or basement, or any sort of work space, so I'm doing all of my building smack dab in the middle of the livingroom. Third day on the job I spilled dark brown acrylic paint all over. It ruined all of the wallpaper I was going to put in the house, and a new real sized chair I had just re-apholstered. Luckily none hit the new carpet (I don't know how that managed to be true, but I thank my lucky stars daily). Perhaps I will lay a tarp or newspaper or something under my workspace before I break out the paints again. So, anyways, all this to say: don't feel like a moron. I don't know what that would make me.
  5. rebecuberduber


    You have put some beautiful details into this house. The flooring in each room is so nice looking. I love the borders you have on the wood flooring. Very clever.
  6. I love the tile floor in this room. It looks so real! (is it?) The dress you have displayed is gorgeous, too.
  7. Yay! Another person working on the Harrison! There aren't very many pictures or anything posted on the Harrison, yet, so I'm very happy you're planning to post some. I'm working on the Harrison, as well. THis is my very first dollhouse, so I have no clue what I'm doing. Perhaps I can ask you for help and advice once in a while? It sounds like you have lots of experience.
  8. That looks so adorable. I like what you did with the second story alcove: painting it a different color and putting the bed in there. Looks really sweet.
  9. Wow, those are almost the colors I'm using. The main house is a robin's egg blue color, and the main trim is sort of an almond cream, with accents in peach and brown. Ha, I say this as though it's all constructed. What I mean is, these are the colors I've picked. I'm painting as I construct, but so far it's just blue and brown. Haven't gotten to the other trim colors yet.
  10. Nope, not yet. So many options!! But I still have a lot of time to decide. I've only got three walls up, right now. About flooring, since someone introduced the topic, I was carving in tongue and groove look flooring directly into the floor, but that is taking forever!! Someone brought up the idea of using coffee stirrers and I love this idea because I know of a place where I can get tons for free. I can use them for extra trim and molding and everything! They should be pretty easy to cut, too, since they're just thin pieces of wood.
  11. Wow, you went all out. There's not an inch of that house undecorated. It's fabulous!
  12. It's looking really nice. I love your choice of wallpapers. This is a beautiful house. The architectural details are really great.
  13. rebecuberduber


    I think it looks great! Very polished and professional. :thumb:
  14. These are great ideas. Of course if there's a quick easy method that looks good, I would love it. But if time is what's required to get a polished look, I don't mind putting a little bit of time into it. I guess money is the biggest issue. It adds up fast working on a dollhouse! So I like the idea of working with cheap materials. -Rebekah
  15. I'm building the Harrison. I guess, ultimately, it sounds like patience pays off. I don't want to risk the dollhouse's sturdiness as I have a two-year-old around, and, well, anything can happen with a two-year-old, no matter how protective I am of the house.
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