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  1. Wishing you all the best, with speedy healing and some really relaxing time off!
  2. Congratulations to all the winners, and I think you all were winners, the entries were just amazing! And a standing ovation to Dean and the judges for working so hard to judge this contest, and for bringing us the contest in the first place. Thanks!!!!
  3. Jeff, good luck with finals! Actually, all of you who have finals, good luck! I would like to play again this month, going for 8 (5 plus the 3 I didn't lose from last month's 5) I think if I can just pull off the exercise thing, I'll be ok..... B)
  4. Awesome awesome day! Best part for sure was meeting everyone, and I'm all B) over you all! I spent money, but did not go over budget, which is surprising and that includes gas, tolls and nummies on the trip! Pictures from me coming soon as soon as I have some time off!
  5. Ok, car is gassed up, directions plugged in to GPS, backup directions printed from Mapquest, just in case, hit the ATM and have cash and checkbook at the ready, phone is on the charger, clothes are laid out, pretty green leafy taggy thing printed out and in the purse, MP3 player charged and ready, donuts and dew are in the car. Besides any forum member that can fit in my purse, what am I forgetting? I'll be leaving at 0-dark-30, and I'm notoriously braindead in the AM so I'm trying to make sure everything is good to go before I crash (in about 20 minutes!) Oh yeah, camera is packed and ready,
  6. How pretty! I think my favorite part so far is the child's room with the teddy bear bed and nightstand, too sweet! :lol:
  7. Lots of hugs sent your way Peachie, and please remember, you aren't alone! We love you and are here for you!!!
  8. Sending out the loves to your family! Keep us updated when you can, please!
  9. Congrats Arda, she is adorable! I've got to ask though....did anyone else read the post title and think she meant a live little girl?
  10. I know I'm a bit young to weigh in, but I speak from experience...treasure your family while they are around!!!! My mom passed away 8 years ago (when I was 21) and she was only 58. I miss her every day and I wish that she were still around so she could have seen me "grow up" and graduate college, and get married...and to see my sister's kids growing up....the only silver lining was that my sister and I grew closer, and I also grew closer to my mom's sisters....but still.....Thanks everyone for sharing such beautiful family pictures!!!
  11. Welcome home! I'm glad you had a great time and are now home safely!!!
  12. I'm lucky (and grateful!) that I only work about 10 miles from work, so a tank of gas typically lasts me 2-3 weeks. I wish I could take the bus to and from work...but I work nights and the bus stops running at 6, so I could get home in the morning, but not to. Eric and I are talking about getting bikes for the summer, but we'll see. Unfortunately, he works about an hour from home, so gas for him is much worse, and his business vehicles (H3's) are a bit evil on gas, although not as bad as others may think...we were getting the same mileage as my old Chevy Blazer. He filled up yesterday (25 gall
  13. I loved it! I still can't decide if my favorite was the red and white kitchen with all the food, or the camo boy's room. I also got a giggle out of the "Invader"
  14. Congratulations on the two new babies (Emma and BH)! I can't wait to see pictures of both! I'm also "not allowed" near the animal shelter, because I would be sure to come home with many new animals, and we've realistically agreed that 4 indoor cats are enough for us right now, but I'm such a softie that I know one little tiny kitty kiss and I'd be in trouble......
  15. No help here, other than to say they are pretty!
  16. I know you are probably gone already, but I hope that you and Dawn drive safely, and have a great time this weekend, and I hope I get to meet you on Sunday!
  17. Dean, please give my condolences to the judging team! I know I could never decide which entry would be the winner, they were all so awesome! If I could I would send them large amounts of chocolate and caffeine!
  18. I see what you mean about the floor. I like the tile but it does look a bit off. I like Esther's idea of cutting up the tile and puttingit back together as littler tiles. If that doesn't look right either, maybe a "hardwood" floor of craft sticks or skinny sticks? I also have to say I love the rug made out of your old pants!
  19. Gotta say, I wish that mental health wasn't such a taboo to the general public! MH is just as important as physical health, and not talking about something that's wrong won't help fix the problem. I've worked in the MH field for about 10 years, and something that always makes me laugh (in an ironic sort of way) is when clients tell me that I can't understand what they are going through, because no mental health professionals have mental health issues themselves. NOT TRUE!!!! I have depression and severe anxiety, and have been on psychotropics for years. Am now on Cymbalta, and so far, so good.
  20. Hello and welcome! :groucho:
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